7 of the Most Extreme and Dangerous Weight-Loss Methods


Weight-loss diets are a controversial topic in the health sector. People often look for a quick fix to weight gain, which is commonly known as ‘fad diets.’ Whether it’s a huge or little amount of weight, people simply want to lose it in the shortest time. The diet industry uses people’s desire and urgency to lose weight for their business. Several dangerous diets have become easily accessible everywhere, and people blindly follow them. Such diets can make people lose weight at the cost of their health. As the diet industry flourishes with extreme diets, people’s chances of declining health increase. A healthy weight promotes longevity, but losing weight unhealthily can lead to other problems.

What Are Fad Diets?

Any diet that promises quick weight loss can fit into the category of a fad diet. It claims to be scientific with insufficient studies and a few testimonials. However, fad diets are against the scientific methods for weight loss. Scientists have rejected these diets, as they can be extremely harmful to the body. Some fad diets involve a single or combination of ingredients that can be miraculous for weight loss. It opposes the scientific method of eating a balanced diet to avail the benefits of each and every nutrient. Fad diets are designed to attract people desperate to lose weight, which is why they have become popular.

The Most Extreme and Dangerous Weight Loss Methods

While there are numerous extreme diets to lose weight, some can be highly risky. We rated and found out the most dangerous weight loss methods with in-depth research. Here are seven of them:

Starvation and Skipping Meals

Low-calorie diets, fasting, and skipping meals fall into the same category of starvation. Our bodies utilize food as a fuel for optimal functions and survival. If you deprive it of the necessary nutrients, your body will be damaged in different ways. Although you will lose weight, it will include muscle mass that is essential for your metabolism. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, and dehydration are the common side effects of starvation. If followed for a long time, it can damage your internal organs.

The Cotton Ball Diet

It became famous through the modeling industry, as it claimed to be beneficial for maintaining minimal weight. In this diet, cotton balls are soaked in juices and smoothies to be consumed as food. Apparently, cotton balls contain some kilojoules, making them a crazy replacement for regular food. Cotton balls can be incredibly dangerous for the digestive system. It can cause blockage and digestive obstruction, which is a medical emergency. Eating inedible objects is harmful and potentially deadly.

Appetite Suppressants

Hunger is a natural system in the body. It’s your body’s signal that it needs the energy to function properly. Appetite suppressants are used to curb hunger, which leads to weight loss. While it does assist in weight loss, such pills can lead to addiction, as well. They can cause high blood pressure, lung diseases, a dry mouth, and overall damage to the organs. However, appetite suppressants can be helpful in cases of extreme hunger, called polyphagia. They should be used only through a prescription from a doctor.

Detoxify Diets

Mostly on social media platforms like TikTok, people combine fasting with detoxification. They believe that drinking smoothies and juices for days, sometimes even weeks, cleanses their bodies. Your body has a natural ability to detoxify and excrete toxins; an unhealthy cleansing plan is unnecessary. Detoxifying methods can cause fatigue, low blood sugar, less energy, and dehydration. Experts believe it’s a fancy form of starvation in the diet culture.

Diet Supplements

Diet supplements are another method of replacing food in your daily life. They are made of plant extracts and caffeine, which does slightly more than suppress your appetite. Contrary to the companies’ claims, experts have debunked that diet pills can promote extreme weight loss. They don’t have to prove the safety of their products, so people entirely rely on reviews. Due to this, dieticians at HealthCanal have made finding reliable diet pills easier with their detailed reviews. However, consulting a doctor is still necessary.


People smoke cigarettes for various reasons, including appetite control. Certain brands glorified the appetite suppressing qualities of nicotine to increase their sales. Cigarettes are harmful in many ways, such as heart issues and lung cancer. Excessively using an already dangerous product for weight loss can be terrible for your health.


Vomiting, spitting out, and regularly using laxatives are all types of purging. It can lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration, and eating disorders. Along with that, it can increase the risk of cancers and tooth decay. Purging has become common in youngsters, which can cause several health problems in the future for them. Vomiting doesn’t reduce your waistline either. It will just ruin your health.


Instead of using dangerous weight loss methods, you should follow a healthy diet. The assessment of different diets can help you find the ideal diet plan for your body. It will gradually reduce weight, but the long-term benefit includes keeping it off for years.

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