Find Out How to Book a Train Ticket Online and Save Money

Find Out How to Book a Train Ticket Online and Save Money 

The time was when we used to book train tickets manually at the railway station with so much hassle, but today online train ticket booking is becoming more popular. And, this booking method sounds very user-friendly. So, you can feel optimistic by booking your next ticket online with methods such as: selecting the proper ticket type and train line, updating your purchase, and understanding how to book your tickets.    

Selecting the Proper Ticket Type and Train Line  

1. Check which train lines run where you plan a trip  

A quick internet search should send you to the correct place if you do not know where to start with online train ticket booking.   

  • You can get a useful list of railway websites online.   
  • You can verify timetables, get notifications regarding delays or timetable modifications, and even save your e-tickets.   


2. Use third-party websites to buy tickets 

If you know that the website for the train line is not simple to navigate, it is good to look for a third-party website for booking a train ticket online apart from the risk of wrong ticket booking.   

Updating Your Purchase   

1. Select the right ticket as per your budget 

Tickets for economy class are the least costly. In some places, first-class tickets are slightly more expensive than the economy, so you may get it worth the price on a more extended trip.   

  • In some cases, first-class tickets can be even cheaper than economy tickets because the seats are already booked.   


2. Look for any discounts 

Based on your age or life phase, you may be entitled to an additional discount. Some online railway ticket booking websites have special discounts for people who book online.   

  • Age requirements vary on the basis of the train line. Be ready to show your identity card for your age proof.   
  • Indian railways only offer student discounts to passengers who have a student ID.   


3. Buy tickets beforehand 

Online train ticket booking can be initiated three months before departure. So, if you previously know the exact travel time, you can reserve in advance to enjoy the benefit of reduced prices.   

  • Same as budget airline fares, advance tickets can vary in price regularly. If you are looking for the best offer, review the advance ticket prices for your destination frequently. Buying tickets midday and midweek is generally less costly in comparison to the weekend.   


4. Prefer off-peak hour travel for inexpensive fares 

Booking off-peak hour tickets, generally midday on weekdays, are quite cheaper.    

  • If your journey begins all through peak travel time but carries on off-peak hours, it might save you cash to break your travel into two tickets. This way, you do not need to pay the price for peak hours for your complete trip. Websites, for example, Trainman, make your ticket booking process easier and save cash.   


5. Set up a ticket notification to find the price range and the best deal 

Create a ticket alert and add your travel choices. The Indian Railways online train ticket booking website will then deliver you regular or weekly emails with the existing prices for your chosen route.   

  • Some websites or online train ticket booking apps may even provide you with an alternative to convert your most current search into a ticket notification.   
  • If you are not aware of what the normal charges for your trip are, a ticket notification is the best method to know the average ticket price.   


Booking Your Tickets   

1. Create an online account to buy your ticket 

Several websites need you to create an account to reserve your train tickets. You will be required to give a proper email id and password.   

  • Sometimes you can book a ticket without registering. You will still get a confirmation email, but you will not be able to sign in to your account on the website to find your trip details afterward.   


2. Find the timetable and select your ticket 

Feed the date and time you would wish to travel and choose your train. The system will possibly default to a daily complete fare adult ticket. Look for any discounts if applicable.   


3. Add a seat booking if required 

The system should notify you if you require to purchase a seat booking for the journey you have chosen. Seat bookings generally cost additionally, so know if the train needs, suggests, or does not let seat bookings.   

  • In some conditions, you can indicate a choice for a window seat or even select your actual seat.   


4. Give the passenger and payment details 

You may be requested to give complete passenger details. You can then pay with a debit or credit card and sometimes also with different online payment methods.   

  • You should be capable of selecting even if to save your payment details on the website when you buy your ticket. If you select not to have your details kept for security purposes, withdraw from saving your details in your account.   


Final Words  

So, wherever you have to take a trip in India, the train is the most attainable method of transport. You can easily make online train ticket booking and travel from one place to other in India via train; it is more relaxing and inexpensive than any other transport mode. So, with the above significant tips, you can save money on train tickets during buying train tickets.  

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