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Format of Notice | Format of article writing | Format of Speech Writing | Writing section in English :- 

In this article , I am going to explain the format of notice writing with an example.

Before writing a notice , we have to know some questions about notice Writing :- what is a notice ? and where it is used ? and how can write a notice in English , Etc ?

What Is Notice :-   A notice is a formal written or printed piece of information which needs to be given to a large masses of people.


A notice , generally is a displayed sheet or a a placard giving News or information.

Some Common Types Of Notices Are :-   

  •  Hand Bills 
  • Posters 
  • Bulletins 
  • Advertisements
  • Circulars 

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Some Important Points About Notice :- 

  • Notice is a formal mass of communication . The aim of a notice is to announce or show data to a particular cluster of individuals . Generally they are meant to be put up on Display Board in schools or public places . They can also be printed in newspaper .
  • The information given in a notice can be regarding an event that is about to happen or happened .
  • It can also be a regarding and important guidelines or message issued in Public Interest which require attention .
  • Makes Sure only relevant and crispy information should be provided in the notice .
  • And noticed must be outline / enclose inside a box , word limit should be 50 words .
  • Notice must be written in fresh page , nothing else should be written on that page .

Format Of Notice Writing :-  

Format of Notice | Format of article writing | Format of Speech Writing | Writing section in English :- 

  • The notice is always in closed in a box , so before writing and notice you have to make a box .
  • Always leave the first line and last line of the notice .
  • And always leave the some space on the left side as well as right side , Don’t start writing from the walls of the notice .
  • Now , After leaving the first line , In the middle of the second line , you have to write the name of the institute that is the name of the college or school.
  • In the middle of the third line , you have to write ” NOTICE ” in capital letters .
  • You have to write date on the left hand side of the fourth line .
  • Then , you have to write a catchy ” Heading ” in the middle of the next line .
  • After ” Heading ” comes on the ” MAIN BODY ” .

         Now , MAIN BODY should be some important points :-

  • Main body should be only about 50 to 60 words .
  • The notice is always written in third person , you cannot write in first person , Means You can’t use word like ” I ” , ” WE ” , Etc . And you cannot also write in second person that means you cannot use word like ” Yours ” , ” Your ” , Etc .
  •  You have to describe the event in Short .
  • After that , you have to mention Date , Time and Venue of the event , Venue means the place at which the event will take place.
  • After writing it , again leave a line.
  • In ” Signatory ” you have to write your name and In ” Designation ” you have to write organisation name.

Format Of Notice :-  

Format Of Notice Writing

Format Of Notice Questions : – 

Question No. 1 : – You are Rahul ( High Boy ) of Modern School . Draft a notice to inform student about Inter School cultural Feista. 

Ans :- 

Format Of Notice And Speech  Writing

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