Skirting Boards- Their Benefits and How Can They Be Installed?

Skirting Boards- Their Benefits and How Can They Be Installed?

Skirting boards are like the backbone of the interior of the house and offices. These days people are more focused on making their place attractive and unique, and for this, the skirting boards will be the best. Unfortunately, most people ignore this feature while making the house, but this is the crucial aspect.

Benefits Of The Skirting Boards

Some people even call skirting boards kickboards or baseboards. These are the most common things noticed in newly built homes places. Various materials are available to make the skirting boards; a person can select the material as per the usage and the budget. The primary material in which they are available includes the MDF, wood, PVC, and other available options.

The material with which the boards are made will be the deciding factor as to how they will be applied. They are glued, nailed, or screwed. There are various benefits of using these skirting boards for people. Let us discuss in detail some of the help:

  • It Helps In Hiding The Wiring

In the past time, people used to do the wiring in the open, but nowadays, they use the facility of the skirting boards to hide the wiring. As the wiring reduces the overall look of the place so it will be best to use this facility to hide the wide. Though other options are available to hide the wire, the most economical option is utilizing the skirting boards.

  • Converting The Gaps

Alignment of the floor as per the walls is quite a challenging task, even if the person performing the job is a professional. In general, the GPS is unavailable while the installation of the flooring takes place. In this case, the skirting boards prove to be a good option.

  • Prevention Of The Damage

By using the skirting boards, the person can prevent the damage. This damage will reduce the contact of the furniture with the wall of the room. If the table comes in touch with the wall, it might damage its plaster. Even the boards can help to protect the lower part from the mopping and the vacuum tubes.

  • Cheaper

Another benefit of using the skirting boards is that they are available at a cheaper rate. The home project that suits the boards in the project will be the cost-effective method compared to the other available options. If there is a gap between the floors during the installation process, this will save the charges.

Steps To Install The Skirting Boards

Are you planning to fit the skirting boards at your level? If yes, this will prove to be an easy process for you. A person needs to follow specific steps to help the person fit the boards quickly. Let us discuss in detail the various stages:

  • Preparation

The person can use the untreated skirting board material to match the house’s interior. Before the person installs the skirting boards, he will paint the boards as per the interior of the place.

 If a person wants to get the best results, they can apply the primer before starting the painting procedure. Sufficient time must be there to let them dry properly. A person should always try to paint the back of the board properly.

  • Do The Cutting Of The Boards

Here the person will have to cut the skirting boards as per the requirement. First, the skirting boards should be fixed correctly so that a person can get the best results. The person should put a mark on the back so that an idea can be formed where they need to be placed. 

Keep in mind that you purchase 10% of the extra boards, as some wasting is there at the time of the cutting.

  • Do The Attachment Of The Skirting Boards

It is the step at which the person has to attach the skirting boards with different things. For example, some of the materials with which a person has to attach are as follows:

  • With The Glue

The person will have to attach the glue to the skirting board with the help of the glue gun. The adhesive must be applied on the board at a distance of about 10 cm. the person can just put it on the place where newish to attach it and hold it for 5 minutes to dry properly.

  • With The Screws

The person can even drill a proper hole in the board every 30 cm using the 3 mm wood drill bit. It is where the person can put the screws per their requirement. He can just put the board against the wall and mark the points with the help of a pencil. Then drill all with about 6 mm height.

  • Create An Outside Corner

At this step, the person will have to measure the first skirting boards and add a sufficient thickness to the board. The cutting of the board is about 45 degrees. Then similar cutting is done on the second board. It will ensure that two boards form the new fitting of the two outer corners.

  • Create Inside Corner

The person’s work does not end with creating an outside corner. First, the person will fix the first border tightly, and then the second border is placed against it. After that, the person can do the cutting of the board as per the requirement.

  • Finishing

Once the person has done with the crewing of the skirting boards, the person can fill the holes with the filler available. It will ensure that the proper finishing of the skirting boards is there, as the overall look of the place will be affected with this last step of installing the panels. Let the liquid dry properly to give the site a unique look.

Hopefully, it is clear that these steps will help a person to install the skirting boards properly. If the person follows these steps in proper series, they will get the best results. If a beginner wants to gather more detail, he can visit the official site.

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