Summary Of The Last Lesson

Summary Of The Last Lesson ?

Summary Of The Last Lesson ? | Summary Of The Last Lesson In Hindi | Summary Of The Chapter The Last Lesson ? : –

Summary Of The Last Lesson :- 

Summary Of The Last Lesson :- It is the story of a school teacher who taught French in a district of Franz . The district has been captured by Prussians ( German ) army. All teaching of the French language was disallowed in the school of this district . French teacher were asked to leave their school . This story describes the last lesson of one such teacher . The story is narrated by a little student named Franz in the teacher’s class .

Little Franz was late for school that morning . He was afraid that the teachers would scold him . He was also afraid because the teachers was to ask questions on participles and he did not know a word about them .

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Little Franz thought of running away and spending the day out of the door . He saw the Prussians soldier drilling in the open field . Watching them seemed to him to be far more tempting than the rules of participles . However , he hurried off to school .

On his way , little Franz passed by the town hall . He saw a crowd of people in front of the bulletin board.

When the little Franz reached his school , it was all Very Quiet . There was none of usual noises . It was quite as Sunday morning . All his classmates were already in there seats . The teachers , Mr M hamel , was walking up and down . He had his terrible iron ruler under his arms .

Little Franz opened the door and went in . He was very frightened , but to his surprise Mr Hamel said Very kindly , ” Go to your place quickly , little Franz.” |

Franz saw that the teacher was in one of his best dresses , the one he wore only on inspection or price days . And at the back of the class , the village people was sitting quietly . Everybody looked sad . Franz wondered what it was all about .

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Mr Hamel began in a very Grave and gentle tone , ” My children , this is the last lesson I shall give you . The order has come from Berlin to teach only German in the school of Alsace and Lorraine . The new master comes tomorrow . This is your last French lesson . I want you to be very attentive ” .

Now for the first time , little Franz began to feel sorry for not being seriously in his lessons . He was also sad that he would never see Mr M .hamel again . He forgot all about his ruler and cranky nature.

Now Franz understood why Mr Hamel was in his best clothes . He also understood why the old man of the village were sitting there . They had come to show their respect for Mr Hamel’s 40 years of faithful service .

Summary Of The Last Lesson | Summary Of The Last Lesson In Hindi | Summary Of The Chapter The Last Lesson .

Mr Hamel asked Franz to receive the rule of participles . Franz got mixed up on the first words , but Mr Hamel did not scold him . He only said ,” You pretend to be Frenchman , and yet you can neither speak not write your own language . But you’re not to worst , little Franz . We have all a great deal to reproach ourselves with .” Then he spoke in detail about the French language and said that it was the best language in the world .

Mr M hamel open a grammar and gave his last lesson to the class . Little French was amazed to see that he understood every word of it . Mr M hamel explain everything with great patience . After the grammar , he gave a practice in writing . While the student was busy with their writing , Mr Hamel Gazed at everything in the little classroom . It was as if he wanted to fix everything in his mind . It must have broken his heart to think that he was to leave it all .

All at once , the church clock struck twelve . The sound of the midday prayer were heard . At the same moment , the trumpets of the Prussians returning from drill were head . Mr Hamel stood up to say something , but couldn’t . He was choked with emotions . He took a piece of chalk and wrote on the blackboard , as large as he could , ” Long Live Franz , ”

The End.

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