The Hidden Benefits of Playing Blackjack

Casino games including blackjack are on the rise. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of casino games is how accessible they’ve now become.

Players have more gaming options than ever before. For example, they can play blackjack in a land-based casino or in a virtual casino like 777casino.

This range of gaming options has made blackjack more accessible to both new and experienced casino players. As a result, the classic and entertaining game is gaining more fans.

However, playing blackjack is not only entertaining and fun, but it also has a number of hidden benefits that can positively impact players.

In this article, we’ll explore some of those hidden benefits and how players can seek them out when trying out blackjack. But before we dive into this, let’s refresh our memories and discuss the history and the rules of blackjack itself.

The origins of blackjack

The origins of blackjack are still unconfirmed although historians and researchers believe that the game was invented in France during the 17th or 18th-century.

This seems plausible as several written works mention and describe a game that is very similar to modern-day blackjack. Back then, the game was called ‘vingt-et-un’ which means ‘twenty-one’ in French.

The hypothesis that blackjack originated in France is also very plausible. As history shows, many famous casino games originated in Europe and were later brought to other countries by immigrants.

Other European-born casino games include:

● roulette which was invented in 18th-century France.
● poker which was reportedly created in 16th-century Germany.

The popularity of the game of blackjack grew over time and over the centuries. By the mid to late-20th century, the game could be found in almost every casino.

It had successfully become a staple of casino gaming.

The rules of blackjack

As with every casino game, there are different versions and variations of blackjack. Before playing, gamers should always ask which version of blackjack they’re about to take part in.

The rules can vary from one version to another which is why players should change and adapt their strategy depending on the variation they’re playing.

Generally speaking, or at least traditionally speaking, the game is played with a 52 card deck. The number of 52-card decks used for the game can range from one to eight.

The number of players in the game can range from 2 to 7. In order to win a game of blackjack, a player needs to end the game with a higher number of points than the dealer.

However, there are some ground rules to follow and a limited number of points that a player can get before striking out. Players cannot get a total number of points of over 21.

If they do, they lose.

In the most traditional or classic versions of blackjack, the cards have the following number of points:

● The number of points from numbered cards are the same as the number that they have written on them.
● The King, Queen and Jack, are worth the same number of points, 10 each.
● The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points. This will depend on the blackjack version you’re playing.

The hidden benefits of blackjack

Now, let’s dive straight into the benefits of playing blackjack.

1. It’s good for your brain.


Blackjack is a game that requires the use of probability and the implementation of a gaming strategy. Blackjack masters are usually excellent at probability and mental maths, problem-solving, and more.

It’s also a game that requires gamers to develop their memory. Players will need to remember what other players are doing, the number of cards they have or take, in order to estimate their odds.

2. It helps you develop transferable skills.

There are so many wonderful and useful skills that you can learn from playing blackjack. Here are some of the most remarkable ones that will help you build long-term transferable skills:

● problem-solving
● use of probability
● patience
● quick yet nuanced and careful decision-making and risk-taking
● excellent focus and concentration
● the ability to read others and anticipate or predict their moves.

3. It can teach you valuable life lessons.

It’s impossible to win at every round of blackjack. By playing, you will learn to lose, to let go and to try again.

So here are some of the most useful life lessons you’ll learn from blackjack. You’ll learn how to:

● try again.
● build resilience.
● stay calm even in stressful situations.
● find joy even in frustrating or complicated situations.
● stay patient.

4. It can be good for your mental health.


Studies show that enjoying some quality downtime is essential for our psychological well-being. Blackjack can be good for you to destress and relax after a long day.

You can also use blackjack to meet individuals online or meet up with friends for an online round. Gaming can turn into some great social time.

Final thoughts

This article discussed some of the hidden benefits of blackjack as well as the origins and the rules of this classic and fun casino game.

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