The Math Behind Slots: Do Online Casinos Have an Edge?


Slots are the most popular games both in physical stores and online casinos. However, they involve more than just clicking a spin button and having things rolling. Slots involve making statistical strategies to understand how they work to win and keep winning. Anywhere slots are involved, the edge comes to most people’s minds.

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Edge is a term used for the gross profit that the casino makes or expects to make from each game. This statistical calculation is expressed as a percentage showing the casino’s advantage on any game done in the casino.

Mathematically, if you place a stake of ₹1000 in a particular game, the casino will, in most cases, make a profit of ₹52.6. even when you win, the casino will still beat the majority of other players and take ₹52.6 from most of them. 

When it comes to online casino slots, casino sites offer better odds for each bet because they incur fewer costs. Like any other casino, online casinos have edges. However, unlike the physical casinos where the information behind them is hidden, all the payout information is publicly published, which shows an edge in each game.

How Do Online Casinos Provide Fair Gaming? 

Fair gaming is a crucial requirement that online casinos must fulfil. To do this, online casinos use a random number generator (RNG), an algorithm generated by the computer. This algorithm is a mathematical formula that randomizes the results in every spin. The algorithm generates a sequence of numbers corresponding to the symbols used on the reels and is predicted and won by chance.

Each symbol in a reel represents a particular value assigned to it in an online slot. Each time you hit the spin symbol on the reel, the RNG throws up a unique number that determines if you win or lose. Also, each symbol represented on the reel has a different weight. This means that in a game of 24 symbols, the probability of a symbol landing on a particular reel is 1/24.

Another mathematical technique used is the return to player value (RTP). This value is calculated systemically and represented as a percentage value. The value tells the player how much a slot pays back after a given period. For example, a slot value with an RTP value of 94% means that for every ₹ 100 you stake, you are likely to get ₹94 after a given period. 

House Edge in Casinos

Different online casino slots have different edges that they use. However, each casino observes the accepted average to ensure they remain fair and the casino does not take advantage of the players. However, this edge is determined by different factors.

  1. Variant – casino games bring about different variants. The type of variant determines the level of the edge.
  2. Bet – the type of bet you place depends on the edge used for the game. These edges are predetermined before the game begins and are not necessarily fixed.
  3. Software – different gaming software provides different percentages of the house edge built into the game.


How To Use Math to Win in Online Casinos 

The most significant advantage of playing online casinos is the time to decide. Similarly, when playing live casino, you can choose your dealer and observe how the game progresses.

Being built on a mathematical concept, you can use mathematics to beat the odds and win your rewards. Like land-based casinos, understanding some math concepts can help you succeed. Some of the mathematical concepts you can consider include:

Random occurrence 

Online games observe probabilities. In a single slot, there are many possibilities for various outcomes that you can predict in a casino game. With each spin, each player who placed a single stake will receive the same win in most cases. This implies that the stopping point of each spin and the game card distribution is arbitrary.

When playing live casinos

Understanding the math can help you get the highest return during online casino play. Unlike other games, the live casino gives you the experience and flexibility to play at your own pace, at your comfort. One of the known strategies when playing live casinos is, in most cases, to prioritize betting on the banker.

However, remember that each game requires a different strategy. There is no one mathematical strategy that is tailored to succeed in all the games. Therefore, applying the best approach rather than using a fixed template for all the games depends on the game you are playing.

There is a misconception that the house has to win and that the game is set to make you lose money as they win. The truth is that the best online casino in India, like Khelraja, gives players a mathematical advantage that if they can apply, they can win money. When playing a live casino, find an online lottery site that offers great bonuses, which will reduce your chances of winning money.

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