The Ultimate Guide To Football Betting In fun888

The Ultimate Guide To Football Betting In fun888

It is the week where the Champions League is back with the quarter final matches and this means that the teams need to put their best foot forward if they want to proceed further. For football fans, this week is going to be pretty busy with fixtures that are tough and intense enough to keep all the viewers at the edge of their seats. At the Premier League, the second leg between Man City and Liverpool is being regarded as the title decider by many fans while the UCL has many unexpected but thrilling fixtures ahead in the likes of Manchester City versus Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid versus Chelsea who have been making all the headlines. Given that all of these clubs are known for producing an unexpected turn of events, the matches can go either way and if there is anyone who is in utter confusion regarding these fixtures, it is the fun888 bettors who need to be sure that they are betting on the right team. 


Tips for UCL Betting In fun888

If you are looking forward to betting on this week’s UCL matches and are looking for some helpful tips and ideas as to which club you should put your money on, here is a brief analysis of the draws and which club holds a better likelihood to win. Starting off with the most anticipated draw of the UCL – Man City vs Atletico, this one gets as hard as it can. 

  • UCLmatches are always fun to watch and bet when it comes to the quarter finals, there are many myths associated with it with the most famous one related to Man City. For years now, City have been regarded as the favorites to win the title of the European champions and despite their best efforts, they have failed to accomplish the same time and again and one of the main reasons being that they always get knocked out in the quarterfinals or the semi finals. They only reached the finals last season but it is better to forget what happened then. For this draw, many people are expecting City to win and go through and they are betting on the club in fun888 as well but it is highly important to acknowledge that Atletico are a team who are good with defense and counter-attack and it is known, City are not very powerful against a team who can counter attack. Given that Simeone’s side are experts in the same, the game can end up in either side’s favor as opposed to the popular belief that City will make it through. However, the winning chances are 60% for City and 40% for Atletico. 


  • Another much anticipated game is between Real Madrid and Chelsea. The last few weeks have been tough for Chelsea concerning their ownership and financial status but they have also failed to perform as they usually do and this led to a whopping loss of 1-4 against a mid-table team, Brentford. However, things have been fluctuating for the Madrid side too because even though they got a last minute victory against PSG and proceeded to the quarterfinals in the UCL, they witnessed a massive loss of Barcelona with the latter going on to score four goals to Real Madrid’s 0 in the latest El Clasico. However, given how things are at the moment, the winning chances for fun888 bet is 60% for Real Madrid and 40% for Chelsea.


  • Now comes perhaps what comes as the easiest and most predictable draws in this season’s UCL quarter finals – Liverpool versus Benfica and Bayern versus Villareal. When it comes to Bayern versus Villareal, it is quite clear that the German sides may gain a victory over the Spanish side quite easily who have somehow managed to reach this stage. However, their performance against Juventus has been quite impressive but it is also important to acknowledge that the Italian side were not in the best of their forms. Given that Bayern are in good form at the moment, the victory looks more on the German club’s side. Therefore, the fun888 betting odds for this match are 70% for Bayern and 30% for Villareal. 


  • The easiest match you can bet on is probably Liverpool versus Benfica because almost anyone can guess who will be the winning side and this guesswork can be done even by supporters of the Portuguese club no matter how heartbreaking it is. Liverpool have been enjoying a good run in the Premier League and with the winning point being reduced to just 1 in the table, the title race has again come down to Liverpool and City. They have been on an unbeaten run and many are already predicting them to win a quadruple this season. However, coming back to the UCL, Benfica have been the true underdogs this season as they have beaten tough clubs and come this far. Nonetheless, it is hard to see them beating Liverpool and it is an almost impossible thing as well. Therefore, the fun888 betting odds for this match is 70% for Liverpool and 30% for Benfica.


Take note of:

There are certain things you need to take care of when you are betting on the UCL matches which are as follows.


  • Ensure you keep in mind that you should always keep your favorite teams in your heart but when it comes to placing a bet, make sure you bet with your mind and you should always bet on a team that has more likelihood to win.


  • Ensure that you always place a bet that falls within your budget so that you do not end up losing much money even if you lose the bet. Make sure you research about the teams carefully so that you have all the details and information you need to place a strong bet. 

These are some of the most important fun888 betting tips you need to keep in mind and if you want to place a winning bet, make sure you follow these suggestions and place a bet accordingly. 

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