Unleash Your Digital Marketing Superpowers with a Course in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is popularly called the Silicon Valley of India. The city is also home to most of the country’s start-up firms, and more such firms are underway. The graph is on the rise regarding the number of people who are involved in the digital space. This factor has expanded the scope of taking a digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Most professionals who live in the city work in the IT sector. The field of digital marketing is mostly IT-based. Yet, professionals from other industries can pursue this course as well. The field welcomes both professionals and fresh graduates.

Digital marketing skills can provide many job opportunities and career growth. This is devoid of the industry the professional is working in. This is the reason there is an increase in the number of registrations among the institutions offering these courses. The career choices that come with learning digital marketing are quite a handful. Marketing professionals who want to expand their knowledge of promoting products and services online can decide to invest in digital marketing courses. The field is highly valuable to businesses today, and they can find huge growth potential in the course.

The Demanding Nature of the Course in Bangalore

We have already mentioned the high number of professionals in the IT sector and the emerging start-up companies. Job portal sites extensively post ads for digital marketing job roles such as SEO experts, Ad experts, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, and more. A Google certification in Digital Marketing is in high demand.

To select the best institution to pursue the course from, we recommend that you:

Go through their websites.
Check the mode in which they will provide the training.
See if the students get to work on case studies and live projects.
Find out the institution’s reputation in the industry and the experience that the professional trainers hold.
Check the syllabus covered.
Look out for the fees, duration, and any facility, for example, financial aid, hostel, and food that they may provide for the students.
Compare the offerings with other institutions providing the course,
Go through their social media handles and online reviews.
Take free demo classes and speak with present students.
Check their past 100% placement assistance records.
Compare what they offer with that of the other competitors. Then, decide to register.

Can I Pursue a Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore?

Digital marketing is a fast-growing sector. If you are keen to learn its skill sets, you can take up the course if you identify with any of the below:

Students in Class 12 or Graduation = Digital marketing is growing at a fast pace. It is a good course for anyone who is preparing to enter the professional world.
Homemakers = Those who manage households and want to delve into businesses can take up this course. It will help them learn the skill sets to know how they can grow their businesses online using the internet.
Business Owners = Suppose a business owner sells his products in a certain locality and now wants to sell throughout the region. Learning digital marketing can be beneficial to him in such situations. The course will provide him with the knowledge of various marketing campaigns and strategies that he can effectively implement to attract potential customers from the area of his target and thus expand his reach.
Working professionals = A working professional who is looking at switching to digital marketing can take up a digital marketing course. It will help him learn the necessary skill sets and know about the market trends and practices, thus enabling him to adapt to the field, stay relevant, and increase his job prospects.
Start-up Firms = To stay relevant in the market, start-up firms will have to create their own brands and increase their presence in the outer world and thus acquire customers. Digital marketing courses can be extremely essential in this regard, with which the professionals of the firms can get an idea as to how they can use their limited budget and effectively use it for marketing purposes.
Marketing Experts = Marketing personnel can take up this course to upskill themselves with new approaches and digital marketing tools. This course will help them to know the current marketing practices and industry trends.
Freelancers = Those working on freelance projects on aspects such as graphic designing and content writing can broaden their career scope with digital marketing courses. They can thus increase the services they provide to their clients and gain new ones.

Course Fee

Listed below are the top three digital marketing courses offered by institutions in Bangalore. We have mentioned their top recruiters, along with the fee statement, below:


Course Fees

Top Recruiters

IIDE – The Digital School

1. Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM): Rs. 1,15,000

2. Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS): Rs. 1,60,000

Nykaa, OnePlus, McDonalds, Kinnect, Purplle, Schbang, Zomato


Rs. 64,200

Guru Estates, HCL, Vantage Circle

Digital Monk

Rs. 60,000+ GST

TCS, Accenture, Swiggy


Some other top institutions that offer courses in digital marketing include Digital Vidya, Upgrade, ExcelR, Digital Academy 360, Learn Digital Academy, EduPristine, National Institute of Digital Marketing, Apponix Academy, and eMarket Education. These institutions have their students placed in reputed organizations, such as Yahoo, Zivame, and Acer, to name a few.


Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore provide several benefits. Starting with informing about the basics, such as the principles, leads towards widening your skill sets. The courses introduce students to online tools, resources, and platforms currently being used in the job market. Gaining this knowledge ultimately broadens the learner’s career prospects.

These courses provide certification and flexible learning options. With these two privileges, students can increase their credibility and recognition in the industry. At the same time, they can also learn the course at their own convenience. Institutions can help broaden career prospects by exposing individuals to industry experts. Students can use their networking skills to interact with the experts and broaden their career prospects.


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