Why it is Better Not to Use a Personal Phone Number on the Internet

Active Internet users are well aware that in order to register on social networks or on some platforms, you need to verify and specify your phone number. SMS registration began to be used not so long ago, but now there is no way to do without it. It allows the owners of large platforms to avoid botfarms and spam on their sites.

The SMS verification procedure is fast and allows you to secure an account for a particular user. Hacking such a page will be virtually impossible, but even so, not everyone wants to specify their number. In this case it is worth using virtual numbers for registration. The service is available not only for legal entities, but also for individuals.


Why is it better not to use your personal phone number?

It is important not to publish a personal phone number in various social networks or forums, as intruders primarily use the contact information left by the user. You should also not rely on the “hide contact information” option available on most social networks. Any information entered is processed by the service and will be disclosed if the data is leaked.

Also, do not provide your phone number when applying for bonus cards, participating in promotions or surveys. Because there is no guarantee that your phone number will not be provided to unauthorized persons or leaked. The best option is to get an additional virtual phone number. You can use this number to order products, make purchases in online stores, book seats in cinemas, register your social networking accounts, get loyalty cards, etc.


What is a Virtual Number and what benefits does it provide

Virtual phone number does not look different from ordinary number. It contains the same set of numbers with code of country, city and operator, but works on principle of redirection of text messages via Internet. The most important is that to connect this number you do not need to buy and install additional equipment, buy a new SIM card, etc. Order and connection of virtual number occurs online.


Such service of IP-telephony as virtual number for SMS has a huge number of advantages. Below you can read about them:

For users of messengers and social networks – the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts.
For those who register on the sites of stores and trading platforms – the opportunity to avoid telephone spam and protect themselves from fraudsters.
For subscribers of paid gaming, music and other web services with free trial period where user is identified by phone number: opportunity to renew free period for unlimited time.
And the most important is that you can keep your number in secret and remain completely anonymous, while not limiting yourself in the use of various resources.


How to get a virtual phone number to receive SMS

As already noted, to create it, the user only needs access to the Internet. Next, you should choose a site that provides IP-telephony services. In our instruction we will use a popular service SMS-man, which gives the opportunity to get a virtual phone number for SMS from more than 250 different countries.


Step by step instruction on how to get a virtual number for SMS:

1. First, you need to create an account at sms-man.com. All you have to do to register is enter your e-mail address and come up with a strong password.
2. Go to the “Payment” page and choose the payment method which is most convenient for you.
3. On the main page, select the country whose number you want to buy and the service you are interested in registering.
4. Then click “Buy” next to the desired service.
5. Use received virtual phone number for registration in the application you chose earlier.
6. When you’re asked for the code you received, go back to the SMS-man site and click “Get SMS” next to your number.
7. Copy the code and use it to activate your account.

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