Why Should Child Labour Be Eliminated and how ?

Why Should Child Labour Be Eliminated and how ?

Hello and welcome guys today in this article I am going to explain you a question ” Why Should Child Labour Be Eliminated and how ? ” which is taking From ” Lost spring ” lesson of class 12th . I hope you read this carefully.

Question :- Why Should Child Labour Be Eliminated and how ?

Answer :- 

Children are the future generation of any country. Like all citizen they have an equal right to education. There is a ban on child labour and strict punishment exist for anyone who does this participate. Despite this law , numerious industries in our country like the bangle industry , tobacco industry , carpet industry , matchsticks factory units , firework factory and Agriculture sector employ young children as they provide cheap labour .

Child labour in my view should be totally abolished . As children of today are the hope of tomorrow . If the children of today are suppressed and exploited , a generation is lost and then the loss will be born ( carried out ) by the whole country in the future .

Public awareness ban on child labour print , audio and visual media enforcement of law . Compulsory education for children upto 14 years of age , Check by government agencies and NGO’s will go long way in eliminating child labour and making our future generation physically , mentally , socially and emotionally liberated.

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