5 Most Popular Online Bubble Shooter Games

One of the most popular and engaging games is undoubtedly bubble shooter games. A bubble shooter game can become your bestie, whether you are bored at a party or have a long journey, or just waiting at the airport. It is great for killing boredom when you are not enjoying a party, a meeting, or just a date! It might look rude to many, but what is the option?

Moreover, it is a great escapade for introverts who do not enjoy the company of people much. The coronavirus situation has also helped us realize how important it is to enjoy one’s own company. We all need to know how to stay alone and yet get entertained. We cannot rely on other people for our share of happiness these days.

It is a simple game that will provide you with doses of excitement, but yes, it is not that tough to learn. All you need is to focus and concentrate on the bubbles as they reach the end of the screen. The download is easy as well. In this blog, we will mention some of the top applications where you can play bubble shooter games.

1. MPL bubble shooter online:  Already known for other fantasy games such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, card games, poker, Ludo and carrom, etc., MPL is also a platform while multiple people enjoy playing bubble shooter. The best part is that the game is not difficult to grasp, and MPL provides you with a great user interface. The game is easy to learn and doesn't need a high-end device with a specific RAM requirement.

The game is like a breath of fresh air, especially if you choose a legal and safe platform like MPL. With thousands of users across the nation, playing a bubble shooter game on the MPL application is like a cakewalk. It is a fun arcade game that will provide you with hours of entertainment and thrill. Follow the bubbles cluster, match 3 or more bubbles to score points, etcetera. However, the game will end if the timer reaches zero or the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen where you are playing. It requires smart strategies, and you can even participate in tournament and battle formats on MPL. You can even win money by playing bubble shooter games.

So go ahead for a bubble shooter game download and start playing!

2. Bubble shooter rainbow: The next application that we will talk about is Bubble Shooter. The rainbow is again a reliable app to play this wonderful game. Suppose you are looking for a wholesome game that does not require math skills and is not that stressful, play on this application. It is ideal for older people who take time to grasp a particular idea. You can download this game on your parents' mobile phones. It is easy to download from the PlayStore, and it has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play. It is a great application to play this wonderful game, and Bubble Shooter Rainbow is just another safe place where you can kill time by playing this game. The ease of use and little to no pressure strategy will impress you.

3. Bubble shooter adventure: This is yet another application that you can try for playing this game. It will keep you engaged and take you to a colorful and exciting world between work, after work, after a hectic day, during boring weekends, etc. The game's simplicity is something that we keep on mentioning because trust us, you will feel light and fresh after playing the game. If you are still unsure, it is time to download one of these applications and start playing.

4. Bubble shooter splash: This is another application that you can download for your daily dose of bubble shooter adrenalin rush. It has a rating of 4.6 on Google Play. You can also download the APK version if you want to. There are various other bubble shooter gaming apps, but we are just focusing on the ones that will provide you with seamless experiences.

5. Bubble Pop Master: The game is being played by millions of people on the mentioned app. Since its inception, it has gained popularity and can be played on Android devices. Its publisher is Higgs studio.

It provides a relaxing hue-matching experience to its players. The formula is more or less the same. However, to win, we would suggest you go through the details of the game before you start playing. The rules might differ from one app to another – you never know!

This one also has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store. So these are a few game applications where you can play bubble shooter games. Given the current scenario, we are witnessing a massive increase in downloads of virtual games. To know more about this, you can read this blog on Forbes.

As per gaming fanatics and experts, the rage is here to stay beyond the pandemic. People now enjoy staying at home and playing games as it is more cost-effective. Various platforms even allow challenging their own people for games, which adds to the fun. So what are you waiting for?

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