A Guide to Wearing Men’s Casual Shoes and Looking Great on Every Occasion 

In case you are not aware of the latest footwear trends, casual shoes for men or sneakers are not just meant for gym sessions nowadays. While they received the reputation of footwear meant for working-class holidaymakers or purpose-built footwear for athletes, the best casual shoes for men have lately become a staple for most modern men.  

From day-to-day lifestyle to sports to red carpet, nowadays, you can sport your casual sneakers to serve as the expression of yourself. It is high time you browse through the extensive gallery of the most stylish, functional, and trending casual shoes for men at Campus Shoes. 

Understanding Basic Rules for Men’s Sneakers or Casual Shoes 

 Irrespective of the type of sneakers or casual shoes you choose for men, you should be aware of some basic principles on how you can wear and style them. Here are some tips: 

  • Purchase Shoes to Complement Your Wardrobe: It would be no good to purchase the most hyped sneaker in the market unless it does not suit your style or wardrobe. Avoid just hopping on the trend train only because it is passing through. You should aim at choosing sneakers or casual shoes for men that complement your current collection of outfits. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing an entire collection for your wardrobe. 
  • Wear Shoes to the Right Occasions: There is no denying the fact that men’s sneakers have gained the impetus of being immensely versatile. Still, you cannot substitute them for dress-specific shoes or footwear that look right on a specific occasion. You can be comfortable with wearing casual shoes on off-duty errands -even semi-formal to some formal events. However, you should avoid wearing them on high-end occasions like a wedding or global summits. 
  • Ensure That They are Clean: Whatever might be the cool quotient of your sneakers, the overall effect will get lost if they are not clean enough. It is important to ensure proper sneaker cleanliness and maintenance. Your maintenance routine should include washing its laces, brushing the outsoles, getting rid of all odors, and using sneaker shields or shoe trees. 

  Understanding Casual Shoes for Men and Its Style 

 Sneakers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Campus Shoes has a vast collection of the coolest and the trendiest casual shoes for men in all colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. From standard unstructured canvas to the finest and the brightest leather, from minimalistic looks to top-end technology and even metal fastenings, there are some ground rules when it comes to choosing the best sneakers for men. 

With a myriad of options available out there, it can be difficult to know what pair will exactly suit your outfit and the overall look. Here is an insight into the best sneakers that you can buy for acing your style quotient: 

  • Standard Sneakers: These are the basic versions of sneakers. In some cases, you can come across leather variants. However, they are usually available in canvas and standard colors. On an overall basis, standard sneakers are quite affordable, easy to clean and maintain, and function well with almost any look or outfit.  
  • Refined Luxury Sneakers: They usually have a resemblance to the basic casual shoes. However, given their luxury touch, they can be slightly expensive. Most of these luxury footwear pieces are made out of top-quality leather or suede. Still, you would not like to wear them to a fun-filled music festival or a casual getaway.  
  • Classic Sports Sneakers: Sports casual shoes are great for your sporting excellence. Once they have done their part of being on the track and helping you achieve sporting excellence, you can continue wearing them for day-to-day errands. 
  • Trail or Hiking Sneakers: As the name implies, these shoes have been designed by keeping in mind adventure-filled activities like hiking or trekking. These are designed to deliver maximum comfort and ease of wearing as you go about climbing mountains, going downhill, and so more.  

 An Insight into Wearing and Styling Sneakers 

 Now that you have selected your footwear, it is time to actually pair them with your outfits from the wardrobe. Some of the casual styles you can put up with sneakers for men are: 

  • The Basic Classics: Canvas kicks, chucks, and lows -whatever you might call them, the basic classics tend to be immensely versatile and functional. These footwear pieces work effectively with denim, shorts, and chinos almost of any shade, color, or pattern.

    Some tips to adorn basic classics are: 

  • Keep them for casual occasions only 
  • Blend with relaxed, skinny, and slim chinos and denim 
  • It is best-suited for young men 
  • Maintain them well to make sure that they remain clean and brand-new 
  • Luxury Sneakers: It is the luxury take on the basic sneakers that you would put up on special occasions. These beautiful pieces are helpful in allowing you to make the switch from street casuals to smart, stylish casuals. You can pair luxury sneakers with slim denim, tailored trousers, and chinos. Avoid putting them on with shorts.

    Some additional tips are: 

  • Dress up elegantly 
  • Be attentive with suede and leather variants while not wearing them too often 
  • Start with black luxury sneakers and then explore other colors 
  • For summers, try brighter shades 
  • Sports Sneakers: These footwear pieces started the sneaker revolution. Sports sneakers are your ultimate street-going, trending kicks that pop with a variety of colors and tones. The classic idea behind sports sneakers is finding a pair that will complement your overall style. You can think of purchasing them in different shades to maintain a collection. 

Some additional tips are: 

  • Try color-matching if possible 
  • Come across some basic styles and stick to them for a while 
  • Roll your overall look with khaki chinos or classic shorts 

Give your footwear collection a boost by purchasing the best range of casual shoes for men online at Campus Shoes. Browse through the wide collection available in different colors, sizes, and designs.  

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