Benefits And Importance Of Buying A Super Top-Up Health Insurance

If you don’t prepare in advance, a sudden medical emergency can soon become a financial crisis, draining your savings. People prefer to invest in reliable health insurance plans for situations like these. A health insurance plan can be best viewed as a tool that covers the policyholder’s medical expenses during the time of need.

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But since no one can predict the nature and extent of a medical emergency one can encounter in the future, it is best to invest in a plan that offers generous coverage. Investing in super top-up health insurance is also an excellent choice. You can consider it an extension of a health insurance policy that helps cover the insufficient funds needed to cover the medical expenses once you’ve exhausted your current medical coverage.

What separates super top-up health insurance from regular top-up plans is that the former covers cumulative expenses within a single policy year once you’ve crossed the deductible amount. But it is just one benefit of picking super top-up health insurance. You can learn more about the importance and benefits of buying super top-up health insurance by checking the information shared below.  

Protection against Increasing Medical Costs

A quick look at the medical costs over the recent years will highlight how fast medical costs are increasing throughout the country. If the same medical cost trend continues, you can expect quality medical care and treatment to get costlier with time.

Fortunately, you can secure yourself and your family from this rising medical inflation by purchasing a high sum of insured health insurance. Adding a super top-up to the existing or new policy will only enhance the protection or coverage, ensuring high medical costs don’t get in the way of your time and quality treatment.

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Additional Tax Saving

While the super top-up health insurance plan comes at an additional cost, the tax benefits it brings make up for the extra payment. Like any other health insurance plan, the super top-up plan also offers tax benefits to policyholders.

Depending on your policy value, premium paid, yearly income, and the age of dependent parents covered under the policy, you can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs.25,000 to Rs.75,000. To determine the precise tax benefits you can get, it is best to get a personalised consultation from a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) or any other financial planner.

Better Coverage for Seniors

Older people are significantly more vulnerable and prone to illnesses, and healthcare costs are also higher. It is one reason why insurance covering senior citizens comes at a high premium. But there is a fix to this problem. If you want to secure your parents under extensive coverage at a low cost, super top-up health insurance is for you.    

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A Protective Cover for Rainy Day

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone realise that life is uncertain and unexpected events can occur within the blink of an eye. It is enough a reason to prepare for any similar events that might appear in the future, affecting your health and savings. Investing in a health insurance plan with a super top-up plan is the best coverage you can give yourself and your family members.

So look for great options online and then buy the best plan. Since buying online health insurance is hassle-free and takes less time, you can give enough time to research the details of super top-up plans offered by different insurers.

Fills the Coverage Gap in Existing Plans

The Indian insurance market is vast, and so is the range of available health insurance plans. If you’re only covered under a group health insurance or a budget-friendly health insurance plan with limited coverage, you may not have access to all the best features. For example, some health insurance plans may not cover critical illness, AYUSH benefits, etc., but super top-up health insurance does.

Suppose you want comprehensive coverage for yourself and your family members. In that case, you should consider investing in a super top-up health insurance plan as it fills most of the coverage gap available in other plans.  

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Higher Sum Insured than Others

The only reason super top-up health insurance exists is that people require a high sum insured. Since many insurance plans offer limited coverage and a relatively lower sum insured amount than needed, adding a super top-up to the plan can significantly enhance the policy coverage.

Investing in a super top-up health insurance plan is guaranteed to ensure you never fall short of money to get quality treatment in the future. It helps you get coverage over and above your existing policy at a relatively lower premium. You only need to pick the best insurer offering a reliable super top-up plan.

Ideal for People of All Ages

Whether you’re a corporate professional covered under a group health insurance plan or an individual covered under limited sum insured plans, it is always best to stay covered under extensive coverage. The super top-up plan was designed for every individual looking forward to boosting their sum insured and coverage at a competitive cost.

The best part of this insurance is it doesn’t cost as much as a standard health insurance plan, so people with a limited budget can also take advantage. Moreover, you don’t have to port your existing health insurance plan to get the benefits of super top-up insurance. You can talk to your insurance company to get more details about it.  

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Settle for Nothing but the Best for Your Healthcare Needs

We always say ‘health is wealth’ but seldom make decisions to protect our health. While investing in a health insurance plan is an excellent step in this direction, standard health insurance may be relatively insufficient to cover your medical needs. But if you extend the coverage scope and sum insured of your health insurance by investing in a super top-up plan, you can become worry-free and fully secured for your future medical costs.

The best part of super top-up insurance is you can file multiple claims a year once the deductibles are paid, so you’re fully covered against your medical expenses. Make sure to pick the right insurer to get the best experience.

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