Check Out the Latest New Releases in the Power Bank World

Check Out the Latest New Releases in the Power Bank World

Over the last two years, students and working professionals have had to study and work from the confines of their living spaces. However, with the freedom to travel to different places, people are now venturing outside while relying on devices such as smartphones and tablets for enhanced convenience.


With the demand for smart devices on the upswing, there is also a surge in demand for potent power banks that can charge electronic devices quickly. Because of these devices, you won’t have to worry about your phones running out of charge at crucial moments while travelling or commuting. 


The Need for Good Power Banks


While most advanced smartphones come with the best technology in terms of power and battery life, it’s always a good idea to have a backup at your disposal. Even if you have a premium handset, a long-lasting battery will run out of steam if you use your smartphone frequently. This can pose a real challenge while travelling or when you are away from an electrical socket.


One cannot downplay the importance of power banks, even if the best smartphones house high-capacity batteries and can charge other devices, owing to the reverse charging technology.


Evolving Technology


In recent years, groundbreaking advancements have been made in battery manufacturing and charging technologies. Nowadays, you can find power banks with large battery capacities amounting to 50,000 mAh. Others have advanced features such as 22.5W fast-charging support while also supporting multiple fast-charging protocols. The competition to produce better power banks has also gained momentum, with Apple introducing MagSafe for the iPhone 12 range.


Power banks, unlike smartphones, aren’t released every other month by manufacturers. However, companies such as realme, Ambrane, Anker, Xiaomi and a few others continue to dominate the market. You will find these models in any mobile accessories shop offline or on e-commerce platforms.


The Latest Power Banks


If you are looking for the latest power banks with high-capacity batteries, we have curated a list that will come in handy.


  • Mi Power Bank 3i Power Bank – This is Xiaomi’s 3rd generation power bank and is available in 2 capacities. You can get this power bank with a 10,000 mAh or 20,000 mAh battery capacity. Both models offer multiple USB output ports with support for Quick Charge 3.0 through one port. However, the 20,000 mAh battery model comes with three output ports, enabling you to charge three devices simultaneously. With a 12-layer advanced circuit protection and smart management system, you can safely charge accessories like earbuds and fitness bands.


  • Realme 10,000 mAh 30W Dart Charge Power Bank – Equipped with two-way fast-charging support, you can quickly charge your smartphone or earphones while simultaneously charging the power bank. Furthermore, this charger is capable of charging the latest MacBook. This model also supports multiple fast charging protocols, including VOOC, PD, Warp and Dart. Additionally, it features two output ports – USB-A and USB-C – so you can charge two devices concurrently. Finally, with 15 layers of protection, the power bank safely charges your devices while remaining durable and immune to short circuits or overcurrents.


  •  URBN 20,000 mAh Power Bank – URBN offers a 20,000 mAh battery in a  compact case, and the power brick only weighs around 350 grams. It can charge tablets and smartphones easily with two USB ports and one Type-C port.


  • Mi 30,000 mAh Boost Pro Power Bank – Because of its large capacity of 30,000 mAh and its fast-charging capabilities, this model is considered one of the best power banks on the market.  It boasts three output ports – 2 USB Type-A and 1 USB Type-C, so you can simultaneously charge three devices. Furthermore, its 16-layer advanced circuit protection and smart power management attributes ensure that the power bank charges devices efficiently while ensuring their safety.


  • Ambrane Stylo Pro 27,000 mAh Power Bank – If you want a heavy-duty power bank with fast-charging support, you can opt for the Ambrane Stylo Pro model. Because of the 20 W PD and 3.0 QC, you can charge your smartphone quickly. In fact, this power bank charges your mobile phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes! You can charge three devices at once, as this model boasts 2 USB ports and one Type-C output port.


Power in Your Hands


You no longer have to visit a mobile accessories shop to purchase an efficient power bank. By shopping online, you can buy the latest models at cost-effective prices. 

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