Deck Up Your Space With These Lighting Trends In 2023

Lighting trends are quite important to follow if your need to stay updated with the design styles. Having a dated decor does absolutely no good and it can change the way you see your decor too. Yes, lighting trends do come and go but it’s all about sticking to the ones that are practical and that can truly change your decor. There are countless ways you can transform your decor, but we bring you the best trends of 2023 that can give your decor an elegant boost. Now, sit back and take a look at everything we have for you. 


Matching pendant lights and wall colours

This can be a surprising development as this trend was in the spotlight and it faded away a few years ago. But it looks like it’s back for good. Mixing and matching was trending last year, and it definitely seems like people are done with that trend. 

As the title clearly suggests, this trend is all about matching your pendant light’s colour with the backdrop of your room to create a symmetrical and uniform look. To add to the symmetry, you can even consider installing a cluster of table lamps instead of just one single unit. 

Using lighting designs with smoked glass 

Smoked glass designs have been in the picture for a long time now, and this trend is highly unlikely to fade away. Smokey grey glass shades can add an elegant touch to your living space no matter how you use them in your decor. Smokey grey lighting designs can add a bold and beautiful look to your decor.

Now, any kind of lighting design, be it a chandelier, pendant light, table lamp or floor lamp looks good with a smokey grey glass shade. But smokey grey lamps in particular can add a unique to your space. If you don’t have a lot of space to accommodate big lighting designs, then you can go ahead with table lamps. But if you can afford the space, then a floor lamp is simply the best choice. 


Lighting designs flaunting burnt steel 

Not very long ago, burnished metal lighting fixtures were the talk of the town. The trend just went up a notch as burnt steel lighting designs have now taken the design space by storm. Burnt steel is nothing like what it sounds like and can create a very visually rich ambience for you quite seamlessly. 

Adding that contemporary touch to your space, burnt steel lighting fixtures can become gorgeous focal points in your home. Burnt steel pendant lights look the best if you consider all the lighting designs. Pendant lights blend easily with your decor no matter the theme. 

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