Free Docx to PDF converters in Seconds

Free Docx to PDF converters in Seconds

Have you completed your school project work on MS word but your teacher will accept assignments in PDF format only? So, relax with some online free Docx to PDF converter, you can easily convert your file and submit your assignment on time.

Free websites to convert Docx to PDF files online 


  1. Smallpdf 

This automatic docx to pdf converter can easily convert your word files to PDF for free. With Smallpdf you can easily convert your file in minutes!  Smallpdf can even convert any size files into pdf as the size limit on this website is unlimited. After 1 hour it will automatically delete all uploaded files.  Yes, it is a revert able website, if you want your pdf back docx, you can easily do it. Besides docx to pdf, it can convert pdf files to docx, excel, PowerPoint, and JPG.

Moreover, you can also enhance your files by deleting pages, merging files, and splitting large-size documents. For exclusive service, you need to be a Pro-member in small pdf; it will provide features such as batch processing, file storage, and grant access to all the offline desktop applications. Your data will be 100% secured! And if you want to transfer your file, it will be encrypted as the system will automatically delete the file after downloading your conversion file. 


Steps you need to follow on Smallpdf for conversions –


  • Upload the file or drag and drop your file from a device on Smallpdf
  • Then get access to the docx to pdf converter 
  • Wait for the conversion of docx to pdf to get completed 
  • Download your pdf file
  • If you want, you can share it with other people via email, WhatsApp, and Bluetooth.
  • Save it for future use 



  • You can sign your PDF files with the electronics signature feature 
  • The file will be protected with a password 
  • You can easily your file by adding images and text
  • It can support so many languages 
  • It is super fast
  • Manage complex documents easily 

Cloud convert 

You can convert docx to pdf in cloud convert for free! Its advanced technology will give you the best results for docx to pdf converters. You don’t have to download cloud convert software; you can use an online website. It supports all the videos, files, audio, documents, eBook, Archie, images, spreadsheets, and different presentation formats. It has been a trustable website since 2012, so don’t worry about the security of your data, only you can access your documents.  They have collaborated with other reputable software vendors to give good results. You can adjust conversion type according to your choice such as  Setting the quality and other options. Your app can be customized and integrated with the cloud current API.

Steps you need to follow on cloud convert for conversions –

  • This converts anything to anything websites will let you convert your files according to your choice.  if you want to open a WPS file, it won’t open as your system won’t support that format, but cloud convert will support all the format
  • First, open website on chrome 
  • One option is there to upload or select your file, click on it, then choose the file from a drive 
  • Choose the option in which you want to convert it, it will take 2 seconds to adjust, then click on start to conversion
  • Automatically after 5 seconds, your file will be converted, then download the file 
  • Save it for future work


Pros –

  • You can set desired color mode, font size, and resolution while converting your docx to a pdf file 
  • We don’t have to do anything in it as processing is simple and automatic.
  • It’s a reliable software for conversions of docx to pdf 
  • The file can be quickly converted without any compromise.
  • More than 200 wide range of conversion options are available 
  • Extremely versatile software for users 
  • You can even convert your documents to GIF and PNG format.
  • Easy to integrate files 


  1. Online PDF converter 

It doesn’t matter which format you want to convert or what size a file has, this free online pdf converter can convert your files in seconds. It is the ultimate solution for all file conversions! You can try a free trial and if you like it, you can sign up for membership in an online PDF converter for unlimited conversion and features; with paid membership you can convert many files at the same time. 

It’s a completely secured site and won’t share your work with third parties and encrypted your files and data. Besides, its universal connection features let you work on Windows, Mac, and Linux as long as you are connected to a data network. Moreover, it not only converts files but can also merge 2 different files, split one file into 2 parts, and can easily compress your pdf so they won’t take up much space in your storage.


How to use online pdf converter to convert docx to pdf file –

  • You need to follow a few simple steps for docx to PDF converter in online PDF format.
  • First, select or upload the docx file you want to convert in PDF format
  • This free online PDF will automatically convert a file in seconds when you click on the conversion option. 
  • Now, download your file and save it for future use.
  • When downloading is complete, this website will automatically get rid of your uploaded file for security purposes.


Advantages –

  • Provide full security to your data 
  • It has a wide range of features 
  • Conversion is done in seconds, without wastage of time
  • This website is web-based which means you don’t need desktops, as long as you have your pdf, you can easily do conversion anywhere, anytime.
  • You need good internet connectivity it to complete your work smoothly

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