How Is Technology Revolutionizing The Sports Betting Landscape?


Sports betting Singapore has been here for decades, but the bettors must go to the ground to bet on their favorite horse or sport. However, times have changed, and now sports betting can be carried out over desktop or mobile devices. Online betting has changed in the past few years as people can bet from the comfort of their homes. The sports betting market has seen rapid growth in recent years, with a more than 9% increase in online betting during the pandemic. The estimated market value of this market will be $182.12 billion by the year 2030.

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Development of Online Sports Betting

The ever-changing technology has an impact on every sector, including gaming and gambling too. With the advent of online casinos and the availability of games on your mobile and desktop devices, everything has changed for good. Now, people from around the globe can bet on their favorite sports just with one click. From betting on soccer to basketball and many other games, bettors can choose any according to their preferences.

A report states that sports betting will have become a $13 billion industry by 2023. Bettors can now bet on sports from the big names in the industry by choosing to bet through a reputed online casino Singapore platform. As Maxim88 has announced its partnership with other top-notch gaming providers, the promotions and bonuses offered by the platform are great too. You can get lucky draw prizes, weekly cashback, app rewards, a Live TV free bonus, a great welcome bonus, and much more.

Read on to know how the sports betting landscape has changed for the better now.

Technologically Advancements in Sports Betting

1. Real-Time Sports Betting

Players can bet on in-play matches by streaming their favorite sports matches live. You can now bet in real-time with the live results on where your favorite player or team is heading in a tournament. Bettors can change their bets by lowering or increasing the money bets. Moreover, you can get an insight into the expert prediction in real-time that can help you win a good amount on your bets placed.

2. Introduction of 5G Network

The advent of the 5G network has made it possible for players to bet from any device and anywhere globally. It helps in great user engagement, and sports betting companies can earn major profits with more bettors signing in. The 5G network has made sports betting possible for playing on tablets and smartphones. The network helps sports bettors watch out for their favorite sport’s prediction in real-time and have a seamless experience.

3. Virtual Reality

The wider use of VR and AR provides players comfort and convenience. Sports bettors can watch live streaming of matches on their devices. They can watch their favorite players kicking the football or dropping the basketball in the net in real-time. The introduction of live dealer betting has also changed the online betting landscape for sports betting and other games. VR and AR devices make you feel you are sitting in a casino in front of the experts and other bettors.

4. Smart Predictions

The introduction of Big Data and Predictive Analysis in the sports betting sector has changed how sports betting is carried out. These technologies leverage a large amount of data collected online, and smarter predictions can be made through Predictive Analysis. It helps provide a more accurate prediction of the matches, and you can place great bets too. The sportsbook platforms can provide potential odds that will help attract many bettors in the market.

5. Wider Use of AI

AI or Artificial Intelligence has made things easier for bettors and the sports betting industry. The accurate predictions based on smarter predictions are helping bettors to place accurate bets. Even sports bettors can use AI-powered bots to get a hold of the best odds provided in the market. These bots rank the sportsbook platforms in real-time, giving a competitive edge to the punters to get great betting deals for their bets.

AI, on the other hand, is helping sports betting platforms by analyzing and providing insight into the gambling platform’s money laundering or fraudulent practices. It helps provide a safe gaming environment to the players and bettors. This way, they will not lose their hard-earned money.

6. Use of Blockchain Technology

Introducing cryptocurrency in many online casinos, including Maxim88, where you will even get a crypto bonus, is improving the modern technological landscape. Blockchain technology is leveraged in the online betting industry to help provide digital assets and make gambling easier and anonymous for them.

Bettors can transact through any cryptocurrency they hold and place a wager on their favorite sports. With the legitimacy approved of the Blockchain recently, bettors can safely bet on any of the reputed casinos. They can deposit and withdraw their winnings to their bank too. Many sports betting platform offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc. betting. As most sports bettors hold Bitcoin, you can find exclusive Bitcoin gaming too. Even there are bonuses offered for the same too.

Place Your Bet On a Technologically Advanced Sports Betting Platform!

These are a few significant breakthrough technologies that have penetrated deep into the gambling industry. It is helping sports bettors to place safe and accurate wagers to earn a good amount of profit as their winnings. Make sure you choose a reputed and licensed sports betting platform where you can place bets without any hassle. Maxim88 is a reputed Asian-based casino platform that offers great promotional bonuses and has partnered with versatile sports betting platforms. The platform offers crypto bonuses to help players gain momentum in modern-day gaming.

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