The 7 Reasons You Should Use Organic Ghee Daily in Your Life!


By gently boiling butter at low temperatures, the moisture content is removed, and the remaining solids are lightly browned, resulting in ghee. The concept of organic ghee has existed for centuries, especially in India. It is made from either cow or buffalo milk, but the most commonly available is cow milk. The term “organic” refers to the fact that the milk is pure, and the process of making the ghee happens naturally without any chemicals or additives.


7 Reasons for Using Organic Ghee in Your Daily Life


There are many health benefits that organic cow ghee provides, and they are as follows:


1) Healthier Cooking Fat Option For Your Heart:

Our bodies require a small amount of saturated fat for proper functioning, and ghee is one of the healthier options among cooking fats. It has omega-3 fatty acids, which help decrease inflammation and keep the heart functioning healthily. Ensure that you include pure cow ghee in your daily diet moderately, as it will improve the good cholesterol levels and keep a check on the bad cholesterol. However, children can consume higher quantities of ghee to enhance and maintain their heart health better.


2) High Smoking Point of Organic Cow Ghee Prevents Diseases:

Due to the high smoking point of ghee, exposure to high temperatures does not destroy its nutrients or produce any harmful free radicals. This fact prevents you from getting any dangerous diseases like cancerous growth and ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients that fat provides. Furthermore, it can be used for all cooking methods like baking, frying, sautéing, and deep fat frying, which makes the food taste even more delicious. In addition, the high smoking point of pure cow ghee contributes to food safety as it won’t catch fire that easily.


3) Cultured Ghee Helps Prevent Constipation:

Ghee prepared from cultured butter helps you have a better bowel movement and prevents constipation. This type of ghee contains butyrate in abundant quantities, a laxative for people suffering from constipation. Moreover, if you add ghee to your diet regularly, even diseases like irritating or stress-related bowel syndrome become less. Lactose-intolerant individuals can even use this cultured ghee because of the lactic acid present instead of lactose.


4) Ghee Provides an Excellent Source of Energy:

Using ghee for the regular cooking of meals in moderate quantities can keep you energized for the entire day. It is always a better alternative than other oils like sunflower oil for cooking your food. The presence of short and medium-chain fatty acids in ghee is the key to energy sustenance, which possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Moreover, absorbing ghee into the body is very similar to how carbohydrates get absorbed, which is why it can provide more energy.


5) Natural Cow Ghee Helps You to Lose Weight:

One of the benefits of ghee is that it promotes the loss of weight because of some natural fatty acids like omega-3 & 6. Furthermore, the presence of another acid known as conjugated linoleic acid helps your metabolism and supports weight loss. Ghee is also filling as a fat, unlike other cooking oils like coconut oil which makes you feel full after a meal prepared with it, and you don’t have to eat frequently. Even according to 

Ayurveda, ghee is beneficial for reducing body mass.


6) Include Ghee for Boosting Your Skin Care Regimen:

If you want soft and supple skin, ensure to use ghee to apply on your skin. Use it in your face pack while putting it on, and you will see the difference it makes. Ghee is natural oil used in beauty products worldwide, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. The fatty acids in ghee are a vital supplement that you can use on any skin to improve its dullness and dryness. Another nutrient in ghee, fat-soluble vitamin A, helps to hydrate your skin and is a natural moisturizer.


7) Ghee Supports Immunity and Keeps You Warm in Winter:

Using other oils like sunflower oil for cooking your food does not help you keep warm during the winter time. However, this is not so with ghee, as the fat content keeps your body warm from within, ensuring that your nose doesn’t clog in winter. In addition, the consumption of ghee which has antioxidants, helps your body absorb nutrients from the food you eat better and, thus, enhances your immunity from colds or any other diseases in the winter.




The benefits of ghee that is pure, natural and organic are plenty when compared to other cooking oils. However, it would be best if you regularly consumed ghee to improve your health by using it moderately and buying only organic products from the best ghee manufacturers. Most importantly, do check the treatment of the cows which provide the milk and that they are free from any antibiotics or hormone-enhancing medicines

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