The Most Popular Professional Gamblers’ Live Casino Strategy


The Most Popular Professional Gamblers’ Live Casino Strategy

Games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and more have been staples of casinos for decades. Since a number of people may participate in one game at once, live casino Singapore like these have a reputation for being a lot of fun. Individuals or teams are welcome to participate. Still, there’s nothing like the rush of victory over your opponents or the house.


Online gambling in Singapore has upped the ante. Modern online betting companies like 96M provide live dealer versions of table games. That’s right, with high-definition cameras and seasoned croupiers, gamblers can now enjoy games like roulette, blackjack, and more without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This eliminates the need to spend money and time traveling to actual casinos.


Since there is no difference between playing a game online and playing it in a physical store, several tried-and-true offline methods have been adapted for use in online games. The tactics are not foolproof, but they improve your odds of winning and help limit your losses. Read on for information on the most popular methods utilized in actual casinos.

Taking advantage of bankers

In case you’re a gambler who enjoys baccarat, you should check out this excellent pick. The “player” and the “banker” in this game compare their cards against one another. There are three possible results for every game session. The “player,” “tie,” and “banker” all fall within this category. You should make the banker bet as a proactive measure in this game. This is because the banker’s hand only incurs an edge of the house of 1.06%.


Compared to the house margins of the tie wager (14.36%) and the player hand (1.24%), this is rather low. Every time you wish to play, you may now just bet on the banker’s hand. This method is easy to implement and does not need any complex analysis. For this reason, despite its efficacy, it is still recommended for beginners.

Value staking

The bettor must put out more effort into this tactic than into playing the banker’s hand. In this situation, you’re aiming to maximize your long-term benefit from the game. Poker and blackjack are two games where value staking is employed. You need gaming experience and the ability to recognise a favorable circumstance in order to successfully implement value staking.


If a player thinks they have the greatest hand, they could raise the stakes in order to extract as much money as possible from their opponent. This happens often in poker games. The stake ought to be high enough to entice the opponent to play, but not so high that they decide not to. Patience, vigilance, and timing are the keys to success.

Cancellation approach

Similar to Labouchere, this is a pessimistic yet forward-thinking strategy for gambling. The cancellation strategy requires a very low initial wager. Selecting the lowest possible stake size at an online casino Singapore is a sound strategy. After that, the bettor must determine the desired unit win for the session. Now you need to come up with a series of figures that, when added together, will provide the necessary profit per unit. The total of the sequence’s beginning and ending numbers will give you your wager.


In the event that you win your first wager, you may discard the first two digits of your wager. If you are eliminated from the game, finish your sequence of numbers by adding the two numbers at the end. If, for instance, your sequence of numbers reads 5, 6, 7, 6, 9, you would use the 5. To make the first wager, you must combine the numbers 5 and 9. In all, that’s 14 points. The winning wager is determined by adding the numbers 6 and 6. If you end up losing, the new sequence will read: 6, 7, 6, and 12. This method is popular among professionals since it allows them to customize their strategy in terms of profit, unit size, and number of wins. More so than many other, more complex methods, it has far less of a potential for disaster.

Martingale approach

Many bettors like this strategy since it goes against the cancellation method. Its widespread acceptance is due to the fact that it seems to consistently produce victories. A further benefit of the martingale system is that it is easy to adapt to new situations. Losing bets are just doubled until a victory is achieved, as advocated by this strategy.


Assume you want to play poker and your preferred starting bet is SGD 20. If you win, put aside SGD 20 and use the remaining SGD 20 to place another wager. But if you go down in the first round, you’ll have to put up SGD 40. This will keep going on until you either decide to call it a day or hit your breaking point. If you lose, you may recoup your money using the martingale system. You may build up your bankroll by not losing.

Equal-money approach

The French version of roulette, in particular, favors this strategy. Despite their similarities, the house advantage and the wheels for American, European, and French roulette are all different. The European wheel used in French roulette has 37 slots, and the house advantage is typically 1.35%. French roulette, although employing a European wheel, has the “La partage” rule.


When an even-money stake is reduced to zero, the “La partage” rule states that the losing player receives half of his or her original wager back. Therefore, if you play European roulette with even-money bets, the house edge is lower. This strategy comes highly recommended because of its minimal house advantage and high win probability.


Live casino betting in Singapore can be a lot of fun and potentially quite profitable. You’ll need to be well-versed in the intricacies of the game’s rules and mechanics, however. Furthermore, you will be doing yourself a great favor if you take the time to learn and use tried and true tactics for various games. Experts often use systems like the Martingale, Labouchere, even-money bet, value staking, and banker’s hand in order to increase their chances of winning.


Now that you know the techniques, it’s a good idea to test them out using a modest amount of money before making a final choice. This gives you the freedom to choose the approach that works best for you, based on factors like the game of choice and your own personal luck.

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