What Is IPL And Why Is It Different From Other Leagues?

There are a few T20 leagues in play at the moment. There’s the IPL and the Big Bash from Australia, the Pakistan Super League, the Caribbean Premier League, the Bangladesh Premier League along with the South African Manzi League to name a few. While England is home to the county-based T20 explosion, England too will be moving to a franchise-based league as we see the “Hundred” that is short.

There are a number of leagues that all have similar concepts of teams of 6-8 franchisees playing each other with a mix of international and local talent working their craft, yet the IPL is the only one that stands out. There are a few factors that make it stand out from the other T20 leagues across the globe.  One can follow cricket sports update to keep in tune with the latest news.

The Concept of T20

At the time it was launched it was a completely different thing than it in the history of cricket. Sure, there were T20 tournaments across the globe in the past but they weren’t ones based on franchises. It was certainly distinctive from the beginning. Companies and individuals who owned teams were referred to within some of the US sports leagues as well as in European football leagues, but none of this was known in cricket. There were also some new ideas like auctions for players tags such as icon players, etc. 

It was also a limitation on the number of players from overseas who could be included in the 11 at 4. Although many leagues employ similar ideas, however, as the IPL began as the first league to use it, IPL was considered to be the original, and this is what has made it unique to the game. Cricket, up until its history of enduring, has never been an IPL-style franchise league before the beginning of the IPL in the year 2008. Before the arrival of the IPL, there were a few tournaments and T20 tournaments played, however, the notion of people and companies being obligated to a team cricket was unheard of in the history of the game.

While having a team in other sports such as football was commonplace at the moment, witnessing the cricketer, be it international or uncapped, being auctioned off and fetching a price in the millions was a stunning event that the sport did not experience before. Through the years, and with its unique arrangement of events and displays that the IPL has become one of the most prestigious sporting events across the globe of sports. And in cricket, it’s the second most loved sporting event, second only to that the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Know More

While it is true that the IPL is the very first T20 event to showcase the previously mentioned concepts of auctions for players and franchise-based ownership Today, there are many T20 leagues that are currently working on similar concepts and ideas. Even though these leagues operate by the principles that the IPL had in the beginning, the Indian cricketing carnival is superior and more unique than other carnivals.

This is the main reason for the significantly more lucrative salaries of the players as we’ve seen previously but it also means greater prize money and also more money for all participants. For instance, the top players who won the IPL 2018 earned 20 crores while runners-up made 10 CRS. Other teams also receive cash based on their position in the standings. And not only that, the stadiums that hosted games were able to receive a cash kitty of the amount of Rs. 50 Lakhs, or 25, Lakhs according to the number of games they played. The top players in the competition (MVP, purple Cap holder and Cap holder, MVP, Orange Cap holder, and a new player) also earned the sum of Rs. 10 lakhs.


In addition to the above in addition, there is an overwhelming lack. of awards that are presented following each match. In addition to the player of the match award, there is also the top hitter for the contest, the top catch of the match as well as the most fashionable player of the game, the match changer, and the game. The cash prize for all of these awards is the sum of Rs. 1 lakh, which is excellent pocket money for the winner. There is no other sport anywhere in the world that is as rewarding. It’s not a surprise that after IPL the 2018 season, each team made anywhere between 75 and 200 CRS. The BCCI made more than the sum of Rs. 2000 CRS in surplus at the close of the IPL 2018. It is a viable option for franchises as well as the board too. This has also boosted the value of the brand IPL to 6.3 billion dollars.

The Standard of Play

It is not uncommon to hear players, commentators, team officials, and coaches asserting that the level of play in the IPL is only a bit lower than international standards. It’s easy to believe.

In the beginning, the starting eleven of every team will be at least three to four players who play or recently played the international game for India Take a look at the eleven players from any team, and this is generally the case. Not only the teams from MI with players like Rohit, Bumrah, and Pandya or CSK with Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, and Jadhav however, even teams that aren’t performing well, have impressive Indian players. RCB who, after 10 games in the season in 2019 has occupied the lowest spot, has Indian captain Virat Kohli on the team as well as other Indian international players such as Chahal and Umesh Yadav.

Each team has the top international players on hand as players that are considered among the top in their respective fields and are integral to their own home country. For example, Gayle, Miller, or Tye of the KIXP or Buttler, Stokes, Steve Smith or Jofra Archer for RR or even Moen Ali Marcus Stoinis and ABD for RCB not to mention Warner Bairstow Rashid Khan and Kane Williamson for SRH. They are international stars on the international stage and not just the players that just number.

In a team with these players competing against one another, it is only normal that the level of play is consistent with the level of the sport. The quality of batsmanship or bowling displayed often is awe-inspiring to all.


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