What Should You Prioritize For Your New Website?


If you are reading this right now then you are online, and well, who isn’t online right now really? The fact is that the online world at times feels more important than real life, and given how much it influences everything from entertainment to sales and even relationships it’s hard not to see why.

Ultimately this means one simple fact: Any brand or company who wants to remain competitive in today’s market will need an online presence. That said, we all know that already, so the real question is what comes next? To hire Node Js developers isn’t hard per se, that’s just a transaction, But knowing what you should expect from said transaction and process is the real question.

What should we prioritize as clients when asking for a new website? What are the real pillars of a “good” website? Should we demand a specific code or programming language? Where do we even start with all of this?

Now, we know it might sound overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Developers know what they are doing, so we won’t be teaching you about coding today. However what matters to you is that your website offers a Return on Investment, and that’s something we can discuss at length.

So today we’ll talk about those key aspects you need to ensure your developer provides, as well as explaining why they matter so much in as simple terms as possible. So strap in and keep on reading, because we are hoping you won’t need any other guide on the topic after this one.

Performance beats all

If you are taking the time and money to invest in website development there’s one key factor that should trump over all others and that’s the performance of the website itself. After all, it’d be completely illogical to pay to get the same quality of service or even a worse one. But well, what do we generally mean by performance?

There are quite a few different aspects that go into the concept of “website performance” but in general terms, you can consider it as the quality of the experience your visitors are receiving. So that means how long the site takes to load, how its elements display, and how responsive it is once it’s all loaded.

First and foremost these elements matter because the experience of your visitors will determine how long they are likely to stay. Everything online runs on the principle of being immediate, and while of course, everything does take at least a few seconds, the slower your site the less likely your clientele is likely to remain invested. After all, we all have closed a tab on our phone because it took too long or crashed our browser right?

Additionally, performance is one of the main aspects search engines like Google consider when ranking websites for search results. This means that if you have a slow website, not only will visitors be less likely to stay, but there’s also a good chance that your website just simply won’t appear on results, which is an even bigger concern.

As to where to go to ensure peak performance, we do personally recommend a Node Js development agency to handle your website if possible. Node.js is one of the most versatile tools for website design out there, and it offers amazing performance across the board, so it’s a solid choice that’s almost always going to do well for you.

Design does matter

Once you have completely nailed the performance aspect then your second priority should be to have the best design possible on your site; however, it is important to note we don’t just mean graphic design.

When we talk about design a good website stands out for things beyond being pretty, and ultimately your main concern is that it should be intuitive. With a single look at your website, any new visitors should know where to go to find contact info, make an order, reach your blog, or whatever it is that they need today.

A good User Interface is essential to secure leads and get the best possible reaction from visitors, as being efficient and immediate is what the internet is all about. So when hiring developers you should always make sure that your website is clear and direct. Nice colors and a pretty template do go a long way of course, but the most important element of design is accessibility, and you should never forget that.


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