Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Feature Selection in Machine Learning is the process of lowering the number of input variables when developing a predictive model. It is advantageous to lower down or reduce the number of input variables for both, reducing the computational cost of modeling and, in other cases, upgrading the model’s performance. 

When developing these machine learning models, some of the elements in the data are useful for constructing the models, and other features may become irrelevant or unnecessary. When we put the data with these irrelevant and unnecessary features, it sometimes may negatively or reduce the actual performance of the working model. So it is important to learn artificial intelligence when it comes to choosing the actual and relevant features from the provided data and take out all the irrelevant features. This process is easily done with  Feature Selections in Machine Learning.

What do you mean by Feature Selection?

Feature Selection is a process of selecting the subset of the most appropriate data for use in model construction. Every process of  Machine Learning mainly depends on feature plan, which mainly has two types they are:

1) Feature Selection  

2) Feature Extraction. 

Feature selection and feature extraction processes sometimes have a similar objective, but both are non-identical from each other. The major difference is that Feature Selection is all about selecting a subset from the actual feature set, wherein Feature Extraction creates its new features. Feature selection is a process of reducing the input which is changing from the given model by using only important data, which reduces the negative impact in the given model.

The advantages of using feature selection in machine learning:

  • It reduces the time of training.
  • It enhances the generalization.
  • It helps untangle the model so that the researchers can easily interpret it.
  • It helps in avoiding the curse of extension.

Need of Feature selection:

It is very necessary to know the need for feature selection before implementing any technique. It is very important to issue pre-refined data in machine learning to get better outcomes. It collects a huge number of data to instruct its model and helps learn artificial intelligence better. This data also consists of irrelevant, noisy, and many other types of helpful data. However, the vast data also slow down the instruction activity from the given model. The model may also not anticipate and perform that well with this irrelevant data. So it’s important to remove or reduce such irrelevant and unnecessary data from the given set of data. So the need for the Feature Selection technique is very useful.


It is easy to understand that Artificial intelligence and Machine learning course certification are designed to produce the best outcomes. Great learning provides the full learning for artificial intelligence and a machine learning course that helps fast track your career with a strong performance by getting a job in the best companies. Feature selection is a very complicated and great learning field for machine learning. One should try a variety of model fits on different subsets of features selected through different statistical Measures.


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