GHKKPM written update

GHKKPM Written Update | Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update

GHKKPM written update, In this episode, Ishan rescues and revives a grief-stricken Savi, who attempts to drown herself after performing the last rites of her family. Their bond deepens amid community speculation and family concerns over Ishan’s involvement. Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update is here.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th January 2024 Written Episode Update

In a heart-wrenching scene, Savi is overwhelmed with grief as she conducts the final rites for her deceased family members. Consumed by sorrow, she completes the ritual of setting the pyres ablaze, her emotions surfacing intensely after the act. Ishan, her supportive companion, is by her side, offering solace in her moment of profound loss. Meanwhile, the local community is abuzz with sympathy and concern, pondering over the tragic demise of Savi’s family and speculating about her future, especially with her sister Harini still in a coma.

Elsewhere, Surekha is engaged in a religious ceremony, worried about her son Ishan’s involvement with Savi. She voices her fears to Yashwant, expressing concern that Ishan, burdened by guilt over the tragedy, might be unduly influenced by Savi. To avoid any complications, she decides to send Nishikant and Reeva to Ramtek to bring Ishan back home, fearing the small village’s gossip and Ishan’s prolonged stay.

Savi, still in a state of shock, is lost in her thoughts. Ishan, haunted by the memories of the incident that led to her family’s demise, accompanies the local priest to handle formalities. Savi, immersed in her sorrow, scatters her family’s ashes in the river, her heart aching with longing and unfulfilled dreams.

A critical moment unfolds as Ishan, while attending to the death certificates, realizes Savi’s absence. He discovers her phone abandoned and traces her steps to the riverbank. In a panic, he sees Savi submerged in the water, attempting to drown herself in her grief. Without hesitation, Ishan dives in to rescue her. He manages to pull her to safety and frantically administers CPR to revive her. Reeva and Nishikant arrive at this moment, shocked to witness the scene. Despite Reeva’s offer to take over, Ishan insists on continuing the life-saving procedure, displaying his deep concern for Savi. Miraculously, Savi regains consciousness, leaving everyone around her in a mix of relief and surprise.

GHKKPM Written Update

GHKKPM Written Episode

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