GHKKPM written update

GHKKPM Written Update | Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th January Written Update

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein written update, this episode will be dramatic and entertaining, where Samrudh Treatens Savi To Marry Him. GHKKPM written updates for 7th January 2024 are below.

Ishan urges Savi to let him accompany her, emphasizing his possession of the truck number and his ability to assist the police in apprehending it. Reluctantly, Savi consents and requests Ishan to drive her scooter while she attempts to contact her family, to no avail. As they halt at a traffic signal, Samrudh’s truck, unbeknownst to them, is also at the same location. Savi, oblivious to Samrudh’s proximity, searches the area briefly but returns without noticing him. She then suggests taking a shortcut on the left, and they change course.

Meanwhile, at his hideout, Samrudh reveals his identity to the abducted Chavan family, who are shocked to discover their captor’s identity. Back on the road, Savi, growing increasingly anxious, disembarks from the scooter amidst another traffic snarl and rushes towards the nearest police station.

In a menacing move, Samrudh video calls Savi using Harini’s mobile. Dressed as a groom, he taunts her for not being ready as his bride. Savi, alarmed and furious, demands to know Harini’s whereabouts. Samrudh reveals that Harini is with her family, implicitly indicating their capture. He then issues a chilling ultimatum: Savi must don the bridal dress he sent and arrive at a closed factory on Ramtek-Nagpur road. Failure to comply will result in harm to her family.

Ishan snatches the phone, confronting Samrudh with threats of retaliation, but their verbal clash is interrupted as Samrudh shoots Ninad in the leg, causing panic among the Chavans. Desperate, Savi agrees to Samrudh’s demands to spare her family. Despite Ishan’s pleas to think rationally and seek police intervention, Savi, driven by fear and desperation, rebukes him for meddling in her affairs and departs on her scooter.

Ishan, now alone, attempts to call the police but finds no network signal. He witnesses Samrudh and his gang celebrating in front of the distressed Chavans. Eventually, he manages to contact the police and seeks assistance to rescue Savi’s family. He also convinces a local mechanic to lend him a car, promising to pay any required fee.

At Samrudh’s hideout, Vinu pleads for Ninad’s release, citing his severe injury. Samrudh, indifferent to their suffering, demands Vinu dance until Savi arrives, dressed as a bride. In a display of cruelty, Samrudh exacerbates Ninad’s pain, leading to Vinu’s reluctant compliance in a desperate bid to protect his family.

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