How do Online Casinos in India Employ Technology to Boost Player Security?

Boost Player Security?

The online gambling and gaming industry experienced a huge boom in India during the lockdown period. Nowadays more and more punters are investing their money in the most trustworthy and reputed online casinos. This popularity has also led to an increase in fraudulent activities associated with online casinos.

As customer satisfaction is necessary for any business to survive, all of the top online casinos in India make sure that they have a great security structure to protect the data as well as the money of their patrons. So, it might be interesting to see how the best Indian online casinos use the latest technology to improve their security.

1) Basic Protection

Firewalls, SSL, TSL, and HTTPS are some of the most basic cyber-security tools. Secure Socket Layer, commonly abbreviated as SSL, is one of the basic security measures employed by almost all the online casinos in India. It is acknowledged as the industry standard technology that ensures a secure connection and protects the data that is sent between two systems. All of the data transmitted between the casino and the player is decoded by this security system. This means that anyone attempting to obfuscate the communication will be unable to decrypt the contents.

The primary method through which web browsers and websites transfer data is HTTP, and HTTPS is the secure variant of this protocol. If this traffic is encrypted, anyone trying to eavesdrop on the network will not be able to view the communications between the browser and the website.

Transport Layer Security, or TSL, is a widely used but extremely secure form of data encryption. It is used by major banks to secure internet transactions.

2) Penetration Testing

In a penetration test, an operator hires a cybersecurity firm to test the security of their online casino. The business then recreates a cyberattack using the same procedures as a genuine attack. They then offer their results to the customer, who may subsequently tighten up their security.

3) Artificial Intelligence

Online casinos must be cautious of hackers who create algorithms in the gaming system, which will be addressed by machine learning technology. When it comes to online casinos, AI is quite important. They are effective and efficient since this type of hacking is very hard to detect and avoid. Machine learning and autonomous machine compliance are made possible by AI. In the field of online gaming, artificial intelligence (AI) makes use of algorithms and cutting-edge technology known as machine learning, which may identify anomalous betting patterns by using knowledge gained through experience and data.

4) Licensing & Regulation

Any online gambling establishment that holds a recognized online casino license must have gone through a procedure to ensure that its website is fair. The United Kingdom, Malta, and the Isle of Man are home to the most known licenses. Due to the tight regulations set out by these regulatory agencies, internet casinos are required to undergo ongoing auditing to maintain their licenses.

Additionally, regulators specify KYC and Anti-Money Laundering protocols and establish requirements for the distribution of prize deadlines. The number of unlicensed, unfair, and outright unlawfully operated casinos has started to decline in the contemporary period because of increasing regulations.

5) Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, must be mentioned. Transactions are virtually tracked by blockchain technology and stored in a public database. These transactions are highly encrypted, and it is difficult to alter them, making them completely safe. Progressive online casinos can conduct online transactions using bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies more often. Many Indian gamers are concerned about the security of their personal information, and anyone who understands the fundamentals of Bitcoin understands how safe the transactions are.

6) Random Number Generators

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program that generates seemingly random results. RNGs are classified into several categories. Casinos employ pseudo-random number generators, which are special as they do not require any external numbers or data to create an output; all they require is an algorithm and a seed number, and their presence ensures fair play for bettors.

7) Two Factor Authentification

This is a multi-layered authentication technique that increases access security by requiring two types of identification verification. It is an extra layer of protection added to ensure that anyone attempting to log in to an online account is who they claim to be. A user will initially input their username and password in this process. They will not be granted access instantly but will be required to supply further details that are only known to them. This is mostly used to prevent illegal login.

8) Account Verification

For further protection, online casinos in India check their customers’ accounts. To begin wagering, participants must submit their identity in any way available to them. Driver’s licenses, national ID cards, passports, and other forms of identification are acceptable. This helps the casinos in two ways. One, it aids in the prevention of deception and trickery. Two, it also allows casinos to check and validate whether a player is of legal gambling age, which varies based on administration.

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How to Know Whether You are at a Rogue Casino

It is not just enough to know how a trustworthy casino provides you with all the state-of-the-art security measures. It is of utmost importance to know whether the casino you are investing in is legitimate or not. Here are some of the established signs that can help you judge an online casino in India:-

They have poor security- If your casino does not provide you with any basic security measures like HTTPS, TSL, SSL, etc., it is time to change your casino as your data and money can be at risk at this site.

They provide you with offers that might seem unrealistic- Anything that appears to be too wonderful to be true is going to raise suspicion. These unrealistic offers create a lot of issues. Always pay attention to the hundreds of terms and conditions that you may be required to meet to redeem them.

They do not display any license- Any location that has licenses will display it. Even if a site has a licensing badge, it might be a forgery. The emblem should be interactive and should take you to the regulator’s website, where you can see if it is legitimate.

They have bad reviews- Always pay attention to the peer reviews of the casino site. Fortunately, there are many sites online that will help you size up any online casino out there.

They do not pay out winnings- While withdrawals at a venue are not always rapid, due to the payment provider utilized, you should normally expect payments to take no more than 30 days. If you have not received your money by this time, it is a rogue casino and you should no longer deposit money in it.

Final Word

In the past, internet casinos were unconcerned about security, but now they prioritize security concerns. In today’s world, customers wield enormous influence. But with great power comes great responsibility. Top Indian online casinos are always secure and safe, but punters must ensure that the online casino they intend to register with is the best online casino in India for them.

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