5 Punjabi Wedding Essentials To Stand Out In The Crowd

 Punjabi weddings are a grand celebration in themselves. Everyone is so excited, happy and full of life that the wedding feels much more like a fairytale. Though the bride and groom start their loving journey of happily ever after, you’ve got to be there in all your glory. Weddings are a perfect time to dress up, flaunt your style and have a great time. But have you decided what you are planning to wear? There must be hundreds of questions hovering around in your mind right now. Which lehenga should I choose? Where do I find the Punjabi jutti for ladies that would go best with that lehenga? Have I thought about the hairstyle to rock for the event? These questions might stir a storm in your head.  

It’s easy to panic when it comes to wedding prep. After all, you want to look your best. But don’t worry. There’s no need to lose your mind to prepare for a Punjabi wedding. You just need a curated list of essentials you need to have for the perfect Punjabi wedding prep. Whether it’s lehenga, Patiala suit or jhumkas, here is a list of 5 Punjabi wedding fashion essentials to stand apart from the crowd. Take a look.  


Parandi is one of the Punjabi traditions passed down through generations and has been a part of Punjabi culture for many years. At Punjabi weddings, it is customary to see young girls and ladies wearing a parandi. A parandi is a form of hair tie that you can use to lengthen your hair if necessary, creating a trail of colourful tassels behind. A parandi comes in various colours, is generally free size, and can be knotted in a braid with your real hair. Though a parandi will give your outfit a classic Punjabi touch, you may wear it in various ways, just like our favourite Bollywood divas! 

Punjabi Lehenga 

A Punjabi lehenga is an ethnic dress that exudes beauty and elegance. They are regarded as classic apparel that is rich and enticing, making them an excellent choice for brides and bridesmaids. Because of its ease and variety of styles, many brides select lehenga as their bridal gown over traditional apparel such as saree. A bride nowadays is spoiled for choice because several designers cater to the design preferences of a modern-day bride. 

 Whether it’s your wedding or attending one, the lehenga is a classic, timeless outfit choice for women. If you plan your outfits as a group, make sure you decide on the colour combinations. You can create a fusion of similar colours, yet everyone’s attire will look distinct and beautiful.  


 Without suitable accessories, every Indian girl’s traditional outfit appears incomplete. They lend poise and refinement to her overall appearance. Jhumkas are one such classic ornament that is a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe. These are a set of earrings with elaborate motifs, patterns, and designs that offer an old yet trendy appeal. Diamond jhumkas, gold jhumkas, gemstone jhumkas, hoop jhumkas, crystal jhumkas, pearl jhumkas, Meenakumari Jhumkas, and Kashmiri Jhumkas are some of the popular forms of jhumkas. 

 Jhumkas are eye-catching earrings with a round or conical dome. It is shaped like a bell, with a big golden drop inside the outer dome. It is unquestionably a stunning earring that you may wear. Jhumkas can create a significant, everlasting fashion statement if you know how to wear them appropriately. 

Punjabi Jutti 

 Any outfit is incomplete without the proper footwear. Therefore you must give due credit to the footwear that complements your outfit. Punjabi juttis are some of the most beautiful footwear styles that are traditional yet adorn the modern design aesthetics and elements that quickly catch your eyes. Along with the traditional juttis, there are popular brands that design the most amazing Punjabi jutti for ladies that are too irresistible. Crafted with unique, high-quality fabrics and embellished with threads, design works and beads, Punjabi juttis are a unique creation of craftsmanship and design. Modern Punjabi juttis are intricately designed with utmost attention to detail. You could see numerous designs in various patterns, colours and design work. Many juttis are made by following a unique theme of the design.  

 Another great thing about modern Punjabi juttis is that some brands put extra effort into making their juttis stand apart from the crowd. Each of their jutti embodies their imagination, creativity and top-notch craftsmanship. On top of that, many reputed designers lend their creative minds in collaborating with such famous brands. So now that you know which footwear to get for the wedding, start scrolling for a jutti that would complement your style, personality and lehenga.  

 Phulkari Dupatta 

 With its brilliant colours, phulkari embroidery accurately represents Punjab’s heritage. Phulkari literally means “flower work.” The beautiful phulkari work is very close to our hearts, and Punjabi women love to wear it in their clothing. Phulkari is a well-known Indian embroidery technique used to create clothing for different occasions. If you adore beautiful Phulkari threadwork, you have every reason to invest in a new Phulkari dupatta. You can try many ways to put on a classic Phulkari dupatta. People nowadays are giving the classic phulkari a modern touch by incorporating it into various types of clothes. If you choose not to go with the lehenga, you can wear a Patiala suit and rock a phulkari dupatta. This is the most obvious option. Phulkari dupattas are the most typical technique to incorporate exquisite embroidery into your clothing. Wear a basic brocade or cotton suit and add a splash of colour with the gorgeous dupatta. This instantly adds an elegant look to your attire. 

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Bottom Line 

Getting ready to attend a wedding involves plenty of preparation. Putting a little thought into what you’ll wear and style with an outfit can help you get ready quicker and without much hassle. This curated list of Punjabi wedding essentials will guide you to get the right things ready to rock that Punjabi wedding like a true diva

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