How To Find the Cricket Betting Apps for You

Cricket betting apps are the best way for cricket gamblers to place bets and follow what’s going on. Everybody has a preference when it comes to choosing the best app for you.

However, there are some base features that a solid cricket betting app should have. Then some features aren’t basic but satisfy your needs. Such features won’t be available in all apps but can be crucial to you as an individual.

It could be regular news updates on cricket, live follow-ups on matches, and such things. These are the things you will consider before deciding on the best cricket betting app for yourself. Click here to find the best cricket betting appthat will suit your needs. That said, look out for the following features:

1. Live stream features

Cricket is one of those sports that can keep you on the edge of your seat from time to time. The intensity can double when you are a punter and bet on a close match. You will be eager to know what is going on, to know if your bet is going as planned.

This can be easier if you have a cricket betting app that live streams the games. This way, you can always check the bet you placed and if it is still open. A feature that goes hand in hand with live streaming is live betting.

The best cricket betting apps should have this feature Some apps have a creative way of giving access to live matches. You have to place a bet within 24 hours before a match starts, then you can Livestream it.

Live betting in any sport gives you the chance to assess players and teams before betting. You get to eliminate any initial doubts you had, like a player injury or something of the sort. It also saves you the hustle of having to remember all information about players and teams.

2. Easy to use

When considering an app, the way you use it and your knowledge of how to do so are important. Using it doesn’t just refer to scrolling through and placing bets. How you navigate through the app is important too.

It has to be simple enough to use without any issues but still attractive. The attractiveness is a minor feature, but a good graphical user interface is important. Minor things like your comfortability on the app are important and can play a small role in your experiences.

A standard cricket betting app should be easily navigated through by anyone. You should have it easy whether you are a seasoned pro cricket bettor or just a beginner trying to find your way. Demos or tutorials should also be available for firsttime users.

Also, having the option to change the look of your app could make you more comfortable within the app. This can be helpful for anyone with any issues like color blindness.

3. Quick and easy transactions

The speed at which your transactions get approved and reflect on your account in the app matters. If you have no time and want to place a bet, a quick transaction can help. If the deposit takes a while to be completed, you can easily miss out on a bet. Especially considering how odds change all the time when a game draws nearer.

For pre-match bets, you can at least tolerate a little delay. On the other hand, when dealing with live bets, there is no time to waste. If transactions are therefore slower even by a bit, you are most likely to miss out on a bet. The margins for any error, even timewasting in live betting are non-existent. Odds change by the minute as the game keeps going.

Other than the transactions being quick, load time needs to be fast too. This especially applies to live betting. The app has to load as fast as possible to keep track of live happenings in every game. This way, you get to bet on live matches conveniently.

4. Lucrative bonuses

Most betting apps stand out for offering bonuses, as they should. However, the types of bonuses offered are important too. They have to be realistic and achievable goals for the bonuses.

Normally, you have to achieve something first before getting a bonus. For instance, spend a certain amount of money on a bet. However, some apps give unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved by the average gambler.

This is a big factor to consider when finding the perfect cricket betting app for you. The basic bonuses are similar everywhere, like firsttime user bonuses. The quality of the bonuses offered can however differ, which is why you should pay attention to them.

5. Accessibility

Location can at times be a hindrance or factor to consider when looking for a cricket betting app. Some apps are restricted to specific geographical locations, making them unavailable to anyone outside that area.

A little background check to know if the app is available in your area helps prevent the inevitable disappointment. Some apps, most even, are available worldwide, but specific features are unavailable to everyone.

For instance, live streaming. This can be restricted to the country where the app was developed only. If not, it could be restricted to the country the cricket league is in. Such minor setbacks can be avoided by getting the app that offers you these features.

6. Boosted odds

There has to be a distinction between apps and websites, otherwise, there would be no need for both. Boosting odds is one of the ways apps make themselves different from the sites online.

Boosted odds can prove useful, especially in live betting. The odds can be sometimes low, because the matches are live, therefore needing a boost. Other boosts that can be offered are winnings.


All cricket betting apps have their own merits. They are all designed to make cricket betting easier. It is important to find the one that simplifies everything for you and makes your experiences better.

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