Plan Your Destination Wedding with a Wedding Loan

A destination wedding is a new trend for couples seeking a retreat from the mundane. Many domestic and international resorts offer luxury packages to couples planning their ceremonies with them. Plus, since the guest list is minimal to include only the near and dear ones, a destination wedding actually turns out to be cheaper. However, most venues require advance bookings, which means one must have a lump sum amount handy to make the reservations.

Whether it is to reserve the wedding venue, book flights, reserve accommodations, or pay for catering, a Personal Loan for Wedding, commonly known as a Wedding Loan, from reputable NBFCs is the ideal financial aid. These unsecured loans help finance the wedding expenses while planning the ceremony in a different city or country. The loans enable borrowers to split their wedding expenses into affordable EMIs, allowing them to pay upfront costs. Let’s learn about Wedding Loans as ideal ways to finance destination weddings.

What Makes a Personal Loan the Right Funding Source for a Wedding?

Several features make Personal Loans the right funding source for weddings:

Large Sanction to Fund Any Expense

A destination wedding’s cost depends on the logistics, venue, wedding favours, guests, catering, etc. Irrespective of the destination choice, be it Italy, Dubai, Goa, Agra or Rajasthan, the catering and venue will consume a massive part of the wedding budget. Choosing an international destination also involves currency exchange rates, depending on the wedding’s scale.

Those who plan to use their savings have a higher risk of running out of funds. However, with a loan for wedding in India, borrowers get surplus funds they can use without exhausting their emergency savings.

No End-Use Restrictions to Fulfil All Wedding Desires

Modern couples prefer planning their wedding according to their desires and wishes. That could mean a royal wedding at a palace in Rajasthan or an all-red wedding by the Goa beach. A Personal Loan can easily help finance all these costs irrespective of the wedding theme.

Personal Loans for Weddings have no end-use restrictions on where and how to use the loan amount. The lending institutions do not impose any rules on the loan’s use. Therefore, borrowers can use the funds for a wide range of expenses, including bridal outfits, makeup artists, wedding invites, etc., as per their dream. They enjoy the freedom to use the funds as they wish.

Instant Approval Ensures Timely Bookings

Organising a destination wedding is a time-sensitive matter. Hosts must hire decorators, photographers, hair and makeup specialists, wedding planners, etc., at the earliest. Moreover, the wedding also requires booking hotel rooms, transportation, etc., for their guests. All this requires prompt funds availability.

Thankfully, loan seekers can apply for Wedding Loans online in minutes without any collateral, guarantor, or security. They qualify for a loan based on their financial profile and credit score. Once approved, they receive the loan amount in their account. Prompt access to funds makes booking easier on time.

Comfortable Repayment Based on Monthly Budget

A destination wedding is expensive and stressful; loan repayment adds to that stress. However, borrowers need not worry about repaying the wedding loan within a few months. Lending institutions offer flexible repayment terms at competitive interest rates. So, they can repay the borrowed amount conveniently by choosing an EMI structure suitable to their finances. A Wedding Loan repayment does not put a strain on their savings. To get the best loan terms, use a Personal Loan EMI calculator before selecting a loan plan.

Best Indian and International Locations for Destination Weddings

These are some of the most beautiful locations for destination weddings, domestic and international. Some are new, some are classics, but all are stunning. Whether you want a city party, country castle festivities, or a beach wedding, here are some great locations:

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Goa, India
Galle, Sri Lanka
Cape Winelands, South Africa
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Santorini, Greece
Jaipur (Rajasthan), India
Paris, France
London, UK
Bali, Indonesia
Udaipur (Rajasthan), India

Explore the weather, cuisine, wedding packages, budget, and other parameters before finalising a location for a destination wedding.

Things to Consider While Planning a Destination Wedding

Finalised a location to host a destination wedding? Here are a few things to consider:

Legal Requirements:

Marriage laws differ between countries. Before jetting to the selected location, understand their legalities and residency requirements to avoid hurdles.

Weather Conditions:

Many overlook the location’s weather conditions amidst the chaos of planning a destination wedding. Unexpected rains and a sweaty atmosphere can dampen the celebrations, especially while planning an outdoor ceremony. Ensure to look into the weather conditions to plan accordingly.

Book Early:

Book flights, vendors, and hotels in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. Booking early also saves costs and avoids extra payments due to high demand. Plan a guest list and set a budget months before the day to make the booking early. If the bookings go over the budget, a Personal Loan for Wedding in India can help plan the special day without a financial crunch.

Hire a Local Wedding Planner:

Local wedding planners know the location’s ins and outs, helping get the best deals for all requirements. From local vendors and photographers to cuisine, decor and more, local wedding planners are the best to organise everything. Moreover, if hiring a local planner seems to be a significant financial decision, apply for a quick Wedding Loan online. You can also use a Personal Loan EMI Calculator to estimate the finances before applying.

Organise the Packing:

While planning a destination wedding, people can easily forget essentials at the last minute. Consider the airline fees and luggage requirements to pack accordingly. Creating a checklist of all the required things helps avoid last-minute hassles and expenses. Remember the documents like passports, tickets, supplier documents, insurance papers, travel documents, etc., while packing.

All set for a destination wedding? Keep finances from compromising with your wedding dreams. Apply for an instant Wedding Loan from a trusted and recognised lending institution like Clix Capital – well-known for providing collateral-free Personal Loans with minimum documentation at competitive interest rates and easy repayment terms. So, wait no longer. Go for it!

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