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Roman-themed video games are easily discovered online since they can be so popular among gamers all around the world. Roma has always been the most iconic flagship title in Spadegaming’s catalog of great online slot games. For fans of slot games produced and provided by Spadegaming, Maxim88 online casino Singapore has always been the preferred online gaming destination for most online casino fans in not just the country but from all across Asia and in countries such as Malaysia and Thailand as well. 


Iconic Roman empire inspired slot game by Spade Gaming

Roma online slot game is an online slot game that is made based on themes and imagery extracted from the Roman empire which saw the rise and fall of multiple legendary emperors, all of whom made appearances as background characters and slot symbols in the slot game. Players that own a Maxim88 Singapore online casino account will get to play Roma online slot game on their site or by downloading online casino apps from their app download platform. Roma is a 3 reel classic slot game and it is by far the best online slot game offered by Spadegaming, it is a great game that features a number of exciting features and improvements, including support for mobile devices. Players will have to sign up for a Maxim88 online casino account before they can start playing Roma and other high quality online slot games at Maxim88 online slot platform. 

Play Roma online slot game seamlessly on mobile

Using state-of-the-art technology into Sapdegaming’s Roma online slot game, the development team behind this action packed online slot game reaffirms the Spadegaming brand’s dedication to constant improvement by applying each new feature to the rest of its library. Roma enhances the already excellent production of other exciting online slot games in Spadegaming’s catalog  by providing an unparalleled interactive experience between the player and the machine.  Players can choose to download the Roma mobile app slot game, the game is completely mobile-responsive. Its revamped visuals make you want to enter the Roman arena and fight to the death alongside the gladiators for the ultimate reward.

Symbols, features and more

The minimum wager at Roma online slot game is at 1 MYR.  Roman gladiators, shields, and weapons displayed throughout the amphitheater guarantee maximum enjoyment as you relive one of the most thrilling eras in human history. Taking place in the legendary Roman Empire, the show has a bonus round, wild symbols, vertical lines, and moving symbols all shown on a giant papyrus text. In addition, when players earn their way into the higher level with the help of bonuses and credits, they’ll get to see the gladiators sharpen their swords and rev up their speedy chariots. The three-reel slot has four mini-games: a chariot race, a sword roulette, a chariot race, and an armory. There is one mini-game in the bottom game and three in the top game, and players may access them by wagering on specific pay lines.

Sequel to Roma online slots: Roma Plus online slot game

The Roma Plus online slot game provided by SpadeGaming is the next big title that is sequel to the iconic Roma online slot game. The updated version of Roma online slot game is co- developed by MGA games which is famous for bringing action packed online slot games to slot fans in the US. This is not MGA Games’ first rodeo in top trending online slot game development and it most certainly will not be the last. Added features, updated graphics  and higher payouts are all standard attractions when it comes to the Roma Plus online slot game. At Maxim88 online casino Singapore, players will not only get to enjoy the original Roma slot game provided by SpadeGaming, but also its sequel Roma plus slot game as well. 

Roman Empire slot machine is among the most realistically rendered 

Playable on both mobile and desktop, this free slot machine game features 25 paylines. Images of ancient Rome grace the reels among more mundane items like sturdy helmets and shields and delicious fruit in exquisite basins. You may relive the brutal days of Caesar and the life of a gladiator in this visually amazing game known as the Roman Empire slot game, provided by Playtech and is 100% playable at Maxim88 online casino Singapore. Players of this game should keep an eye out for the Colosseum symbols, as they can trigger unlimited free spins. Similar to the aforementioned Roma online slot game, players are all invited to visit ancient Rome once again with Roman empire online slot game,, where all is hidden in a veil of mystery that only adds to its allure. Roman Empire is a free slot machine game that vividly recreates that enthralling era, complete with gladiators, beauties like Cleopatra and more.

Roman empire slot game gameplay at Maxim88 Singapore

The sound of trumpets is what invites the player into Playtech’s Roman Empire online slot game. With Roman Empire slots, enter the Roman Empire and find a game that will captivate even the most ardent admirers of that cruel age. Taking place during the time of the Roman Empire, this action packed, war based online slot game once again exceeds our expectations. The Roman Empire slot machine is one of hundreds of free slot games available at Maxim88 online casino Singapore. Slot game fans will appreciate the opportunity to amass a fortune while experiencing the thrill of repeated conquest of the ruthless regions of ancient Rome.

Features, symbols and more

Spinning three Colosseum symbols activates the free spins bonus round, where you may play an infinite number of free games. Conquering Ancient Rome has never been more exciting than it is when playing this free online slot game and winning the treasures of the Roman Empire. The team behind Playtech and Maxim88 online casino Singapore have made it possible to play Roman Empire on your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you choose. Check out our Roman Empire mobile game the next time you’re on the run and you never know, you may just hit the jackpot and win all the treasures of Rome at Maxim88 online casino Singapore. 

Other online slot games at Maxim88 online casino

Gold Rush, Fa Cai Shen, and Bombs Away, are all available online slot game titles that can be accessed and played at Maxim88 online casino Singapore. This online casino has quickly become one of the most visited gaming destinations for Singaporeans recently. Sign up here to get beautiful visuals and the chance to win big money at Maxim88 online casino Singapore.

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