Six benefits of MDM


  1. Ease of remote management – the primary advantage of mobile device management is that it lets MSPs monitor and manage portable devices from wherever they are present. Apparently, MDM is designed to beat mobile devices at their own game. This agility strengthens healthy devices and further fortifies those devices which might require a little help.

 Remote management also improves network security by enabling business organizations to disable specific users, even when users are not on-premises. The updated regulations also occupy themselves on all devices in the network, which contributes to seamless security and support.

 2.Bring Your Device(BYOD) Support – the second most important advantage of MDM is how well it supports BYOD. Traditional technologies reject any unknown devices that have not been recognized previously, which is a big problem for companies with employees who carry two to three different devices from home.

 Mobile device management understands that all unknown devices are not threats and aids the MSPs in monitoring them to create the right balance between security and flexibility. With MDM, companies don’t have to choose between network security and the freedom of employees.

 3.Controlled Device Updates – everyone, at some point in time, has disabled software updates or delayed them. Unfortunately, employees who are casual about updates endanger the security of the entire network by being so. Hackers can take advantage of the holes left behind by insufficient updating or patching to get access to confidential information.

 Mobile device management lets MSPs centrally control updates and apply system level changes to the devices that are on the network with just a few clicks. This function also simplifies compliance with governmental and company regulations.

 4.Improved Network Security – the best practices of MDM are important for enhancing network security. Much of this is due to the automatic updating capabilities and security features that are already mentioned. With MDM, MSPs can easily apply updates to hundreds of devices, encrypt confidential corporate information and create a barrier between personal information and company data.

 Additionally, the remote capabilities of mobile device management make it easy to control security remotely. For instance, an employee who is away for a tech conference realizes that they have left their work phone in the hotel lobby after they have gotten onto the return flight. Mobile device management platforms can remotely detect, lock, and erase data to protect sensitive information in case the device is lost, stolen or deemed a risk.

 5.Reduced IT needs – When MSPs use mobile device management platforms, they greatly minimize their IT administration requirements. As MDM automates the many time-consuming and labour intensive processes that are involved in observing an entire fleet of mobile devices, resources and manpower can now be released for more sophisticated and complex projects.

 6.Improved regulatory compliance – It is important for MSPs to comply with IT standards and guidelines. However, it is difficult to make sure all devices are adhering to the IT standards and guidelines when there are too many devices to track. With mobile device management, compliance initiatives can be managed from a unified console, which facilitates better protection while operating within legal requirements.


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