5 Romantic Getaways from Bangalore

5 Romantic Getaways from Bangalore

With tiring workdays, hectic schedules, and family and professional commitments, one-on-one romantic dates usually take a back seat for many couples. So planning a quick weekend trip near Bangalore is a perfect way to rekindle the spark with your partner. With plenty of romantic getaway spots for couples, Bangalore has progressed far beyond the conventional ideas of romance. 

Also, breaking all stereotypes, this IT hub offers a plethora of captivating places nearby, loaded with utterly romantic vistas and serenity of lush nature, tucked away in remote corners. So couples who wish to fall in love all over again can explore these magnificently romantic places near Bangalore by booking a convenient Bangalore car rental service with an experienced driver. 

So, let’s get started, shall we?


Unwind and relax at Gokarna 


Well-known for its serene beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and delightful vibes, a visit to Gokarna can be the best romantic escapade. 

This place is perfect for indulging in some peaceful alone time with your partner by lazing on the beach or taking a trek to the Paradise beach or Half Moon to spend your nights camping under the stars. If you both love adventure sports, you can also go parasailing or try other water sports at Gokarna.


A taste of fresh wine at Grover Vineyard


Romance and wine always go hand-in-hand. Planning a romantic getaway to the Grover Vineyard is amongst the best ways to ignite the spark between you and your partner. The most suitable time to plan a trip to this place is between January to April. 


Apart from glancing at the red-coloured vineyard and clicking beautiful pictures for your Instagram, there are other things you can do. Plan a private wine tasting session with your sweetheart, take a long stroll in the vineyard, explore the picturesque orchards, or indulge in fun grapes stomping sessions. 


Watch stunning sunsets at Nandi Hills


Watching peaceful sunsets together wrapped in each other’s arms is the most romantic thing for any couple. So if you love spending time alone with your beloved, watching the sun setting down the spectacular misty mountains, Nandi Hills is the perfect getaway for you. 


Situated around 60 km away from Bangalore city, Nandi Hills is famous for its majestic small hillocks and natural beauty, where you can indulge in most romantic dinners.


Explore the wilderness at Chikmagalur


Located 250 km from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is undoubtedly a romantic paradise for couples. This place is perfect for enjoying the beauty of majestic fall descending from the hills, taking a jeep safari to explore the wilderness or trekking up the Mullayanagiri peak. 


Fall in love all over again in Coorg 


Snuggled in the majestic Western Ghats, Coorg is one of the most romantic getaways near Bangalore that you can reach comfortably by booking a top-rated Bangalore to Coorg taxi. This place, surrounded by stunning vistas and lush greenery, gives you the perfect spot to pop the question. 


Also, when in Coorg, you can enjoy the famous Honnamana Kere Lake or cuddle in the stunning cottages amidst lush coffee plantations or take long walks through the sandalwood and teak wood forests. 


Stunning sceneries, and a relaxed breeze with your partner by your side, sounds perfect, right? These places near Bangalore are perfect for giving you the best romantic experience. So, why wait? Visit these blissful places and rekindle your love life. 

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