The Instant Gratification Generation


The Instant Gratification Generation

Millennials are often called the Instant Gratification generation. That term may be created as slang but has changed our social climate for the better. To want instant gratification, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and face what comes your way. It’s like you can place a bet on next week’s lottery or play online instant win games

What has come along in this generation?

The Millennials have led the charge in social media platforms. Instead of long-distance charges and old-fashioned letter writing, we can now visit people all over the world any time we want.  Instead of wondering if someone got our letter, or opened it, we can directly send it with the push of a button and our computer will let us know when it arrived and when it was opened. We can instantly share pictures and videos, so grandpa sees Bobby’s homerun or Shelby’s dance recital. 

We now carry our telephones in our pockets. They are used as our daily planners, encyclopedias, maps, entertainment systems, and sometimes our health partners. All of this happens right now.

Coffee is brewed by the cup in about one minute. Foods are cooked at a fraction of the time in microwave ovens. Machines clean our floors independently, wash and dry our dishes, and most clothing can be worn directly from the dryer. 

All of these things and more were born of instant gratification. 


The days of going to university for extended years have been altered. We now have complete degrees we can get from online studies. The option of working in your parent’s business and then taking it over when they retire doesn’t have to be the only way to go. Because of the ease and lower costs of online classes, many companies pay for their employees to get to the next level in education. It is a win-win situation for the employee and the company. This generation can take their mandatory classes and then customize their education to give them more opportunities. Working in a field while studying at home for their degree gives them a significant push in their careers.

We can also learn personal information, such as our ancestors and homes, and incidents that changed the path of our personal lives. We can look into people and their backgrounds, and sometimes lead us to incredible discoveries. If we want gourmet meals, and we can’t cook, they will measure everything and ship you a food box with instructions on how to add them together. 


Thanks to the instant gratification generation, we can watch movies and concerts on our computers or smartphones, often television. There is no reason to rent a movie. There are services at your fingertips. 

We can play games with other people. We can sell items on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. 

An online casino offers plenty of excitement. They even have apps so you can do these things on the go. You can even buy international lotteries from your smartphone or tablet. Here are some attributes associated with Instant Gratification:


  • Avoid delays that could be costly
  • Building trust that you will get quality service
  • It helps you develop into a quick thinker
  • Train in the difference of impulse buying vs. making a firm plan and staying with it
  • It eliminates the frustration of waiting
  • It keeps you mentally alert
  • It keeps the momentum up at work and keeps the team walking at a certain pace.
  • Avoid overthinking and getting six managers to decide what they each want to do.
  • Helps control budgets


The Millennials being dubbed the “Instant Gratification Generation may have started as an insult, but they are heroes in many ways. They are trailblazers that have inspired a world to look at things differently and accomplish things faster and more efficiently. 


We have regained a significant amount of our time. The help we get from the things mentioned above gives us precious moments in time that we need to be healthy and happy. There is nothing wrong with getting managers together on a topic, but it requires an absolute time frame. So, try taking steps today to help you manage the life you deserve. 

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