The Ultimate Guide to Prepare the Air Conditioner before the Summer


Want to be able to pass through summer 2023 unscathed? Getting your air conditioner checked and maintained before that is the ultimate way that you should do it!


Utilizing an air conditioner is the best thing you can do to ensure you can stay comfortable throughout the summer season. Besides aiming to make the room temperature cooler, air conditioning also has many benefits for your overall health! 


An air conditioner is a machine that requires regular attention. It won’t be able to  continue operating optimally without proper maintenance. Thus, you have to regularly pay attention to your air conditioner. By ensuring that it gets the regular maintenance it needs, your air conditioner will be in good operating order when summer comes! Not only that but with regular maintenance – the air conditioner’s lifespan can also be increased and thus you’ll be able to reduce the cost of purchasing a new air conditioning unit.


Here are two ultimate things that you can do to ensure your air conditioner is thoroughly clean and maintained. 

  1. Basic cleaning

Basic cleaning is the easiest part of air conditioner cleaning which you can do by yourself on a monthly basis. All you need to do is to clean some of the air conditioner’s easy-to-clean spots, such as the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner, and the filter.


To clean the air conditioner indoor unit, you will only need the most basic cleaning supplies in your house –  a wet cloth, some brush, and liquid soap.  Start by wiping down the unit thoroughly to get rid of dust and dirt. Afterward, slowly open the air conditioner casing or cover it with a screwdriver. When the lid is open, you will immediately see the filter. Make sure you check whether there is damage or not in the air conditioner filter section. If the filter looks torn, throw it away immediately and replace it with a new filter. If you do not find any damage to the filter, you can clean the accumulated dust immediately using an old toothbrush, brush, or slightly damp cloth. For the outdoor unit, you can maintain it by ensuring that the outdoor unit is not covered by dust or debris.


This easy cleaning session can make a big difference for your air conditioner. With monthly basic cleaning that you do by yourself, your air conditioner will continue to operate at a terrific level at all times!

  1. General cleaning

If your air conditioner starts producing a weird sound, has a decrease in performance, or suddenly leaks water – it is the ultimate sign that you need to contact a professional technician to do a general cleaning of your air conditioner. 


Don’t wait until the signs above appear, because at the very least general cleaning for the air conditioner should be done once a year. This is done to maintain the air conditioner’s operation and satisfactory performance for an extended time. Check out if you need a professional air conditioner service provider for general cleaning of your unit.

The Dangers of Not Servicing Aircon

Like any other type of machine, an air conditioner will operate most effectively when it is maintained properly. 


A lack of maintenance can lead to a variety of issues, so it’s crucial to ensure that your air conditioner is frequently maintained. The dust, filth, and other allergic particles that accumulate in your air conditioning unit can spread throughout your home if it is not completely cleaned regularly. 

  1. Health issues may arise

An air conditioner that is rarely maintained will generate dirty air which will be very dangerous to be inhaled. You may not be aware that you are inhaling dirty air, however, within a certain time, bacteria or germs that are inhaled will cause serious breathing problems such as Legionnaires’ disease 

  1. High electricity bills

If you don’t clean and service the air conditioner regularly, it will have to work harder to maintain the appropriate temperature in your house. Thus, it will use more energy attempting to support the system and get far less out of it, if there are issues that have not been resolved or a buildup of germs in the unit. You can get the best performance out of your unit, if you do annual maintenance, which will ultimately result in decreased energy bills.

  1. Increase the risk of breakdowns 

A professional technician will be able to look at your air conditioner unit thoroughly and make sure that your equipment is free of any problems. Servicing your air conditioner unit will significantly lower your system’s risk of malfunctioning because issues will be corrected annually.

Combining basic and general cleaning together can be the ultimate way for you to keep your air conditioning unit clean all year round without having to budget a lot of money. You can do basic cleaning every month, and hire a professional technician to do general cleaning every once a year! Guarantee you won’t have to worry about facing the dangers of not servicing your air conditioner.

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