Top 5 Online Payday Loans with No Credit Check

Getting a no-credit-check loan seems like the only way to get hold of fast cash, especially when your credit score is low. But getting a no-credit loan also means that you may be asked to pay a very high-interest rate and the repayment terms may be stringent, which can get risky pushing you into further debt and lowering your credit score more.

No worries as there are still a handful of reliable platforms that offer payday loan services to borrowers by connecting them with reputable lenders who can offer you a quick loan with fair terms. Get payday loans with no credit check today!

We have listed a few of our top no-credit-check payday loan providers that are highly rated by users.

  1. Honest Loans:

Scared of rejection because of a bad credit score? Worry not as with Honest Loans, you will not be simply rejected just based on your bad credit score. They are connected with 80+ trusted lenders who have simple eligibility criteria and offer payday loans to people with bad credit. Many of these lenders grant loans quickly and your account gets credited as soon as one day. They only want to know if you have the ability to repay the loan and after assessing it, you will be offered a loan quickly.

But rest assured as Honest Loans believes that every borrower deserves access to credit. Hence, when you submit a loan application with Honest Loans, their state-of-the-art algorithm connects you with lenders who mostly will be willing to offer you the loan. You may end up getting offered multiple loans from various lenders, and the decision of accepting an offer will depend on you. Read the terms carefully and choose the one that works in your favor.

HonestLoans offer the best service for securing a payday loan online today without any hidden fees for their service. Further, they only work with lenders that are honest about their loan costs so that their users can trust the lenders easily. Click here to know more about this online loan platform.


  1. You can apply for a payday loan for any purpose.
  2. Next-day funding is possible.
  3. They need no collateral for loan approval.
  4. Eligibility criteria are very flexible


  1. The service is only available online.
  1. WeLoans:

WeLoans has secured the second position on this list without any doubts as it is one of the top players in the market. When you think of getting a payday loan with bad credit, you cannot miss WeLoans as their approval rate is as high as 98%.

Their partner lenders have an easy screening process which makes it easy for you to qualify for the loan. The creditworthiness of the applicant is evaluated based on their income and spending history rather than the credit score. They run only soft credit inquiries and just take about 5 minutes to make an approval decision. you can expect to receive funding from their reputed lenders the same day.


  1. Funding decisions are made instantly.
  2. They offer an extensive network of reliable and licensed lenders
  3. The straightforward application form can be completed in as little as two minutes.


  1. Borrowers who do not have a credible source of income may not qualify for a loan.
  1. CocoLoan:

CocoLoans is one of the most reliable loan services known in the market to offer bad credit payday loans for emergencies like a quick car repair or to repay a medical bill. You can apply for a loan amount anywhere between $100 to $5000 and the lenders will offer you the loan without digging deep into your credit scores. CocoLoan has partnered with lenders who are willing to deal with borrowers with all credit types. This means they do not run hard credit inquiries on prospective borrowers.

Further CocoLoan has no minimum credit score requirement for the loan application which works in favor of all borrowers. Therefore, your chances of getting approved for the loan is almost guaranteed as long as you meet the basic eligibility requirements.


  1. Approval decisions are made as quickly as under 5 minutes.
  2. Competitively low-interest rates when compared to the industry average.
  3. Top-quality customer support team.


  1. A very high late payment fee applies if you fail to repay the payday loan amount back timely.
  1. RadCred:

RadCred believes in offering the best financial aid to its customers even with bad credit scores. They offer completely free service and they are easily accessible online through their website. Their reliable and huge leader network offers you a quick loan when in need. They have implemented state-of-the-art encryption keeping in mind your privacy and offering you a worry-free experience. 


  1. Connects you to a large network of lenders.
  2. Instant fund transfer.
  3. All credit scores can apply for the loan.
  4. Quick and easy application process. 


  1. Only offers a cash advance of up to $500, which is lower than other platforms.
  1. Speedy Cash:

In times of uncertainty, Speedy Cash offers quick loans and has met the need of more than 5 million people online, in our stores, and over the phone. They have established in 1997 and evolved since then to offer you top-notch service. They ensure that borrowers are fully informed of the loan terms and fairly treated.


  1. You can apply for the loan online, over the phone, or visit their stores.
  2. Their online network assures safety and security of user information.


  1. No mobile application is in place yet.


Remember that no-credit-check lenders do not review your credit history score when they decide whether they are willing to offer you the loan or not. While omitting the credit check may seem like a relief to you, it is common with payday lenders that offer high-interest loans. This is because not knowing your credit history only makes the loan risky for the lender, which the lenders balance by charging sky-high interest rates. It may be tough to repay this loan back in a short time, pushing you into further debt.

The platforms we have listed above work on connecting you with lenders that offer you a payday loan at a fair interest rate. They may conduct a soft credit check in such cases, along with checking your employment status to make sure you are capable of repaying the loan back. This reduces their risk, hence your interest rate of the loan lowers, which is more advisable and works in your favor.

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