Ways to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns 

Digital marketing is a broad term that involves a variety of tools and methods that can be used to achieve a variety of company objectives. You have a wealth of tools available in the market to enhance your brand’s reach and connection in the digital world, from written content to social media management to films, infographics, and even compelling memes.

Companies work extremely hard to produce campaigns that are not always directly about their respective brands, but also in accordance with current market trends and consumer tastes. One of such strategies that has swept the internet in recent years is meme marketing.

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Memes are basic graphics coupled with brief, sweet snippets of words, which may very well be amusing, engaging, and thought-provoking. Due to their relevance and popularity, these can help your digital marketing initiatives gain huge reach. One of the easiest ways to create memes is using meme generators that are particularly popular among the younger generations, like the millennials and Generation Z. 

Memes are fantastic in conveying vital ideas in a brief yet powerful manner, and they add unique, creative feelings to otherwise mundane themes. Memes are a terrific complement to your digital output for any business, so it is imperative to utilise them as much as possible to appeal to more and more people and make your business increasingly relevant.

Ways to Use Memes in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

This may not be the most brilliant or spectacular marketing approach, but it can certainly make an effect and get people talking about whatever you want. Let us now go through a few of the most innovative and adaptable ways to use memes and meme generators in your digital marketing campaigns: 

  • Modify and customise the existing themes and meme templates: For busy entrepreneurs, having access to a bank of meme-worthy graphics, as well as multiple ways to edit those, is really a dream come true. It is usually a good idea to start with a free meme generator to speed up the process, while also providing you with lots of creative content to work with. With templates, you can add tags, your own customised prose as well as additional pictures to give your new memes a deeper meaning. Producing them more rapidly allows you to publish more of them, resulting in a more interesting social feed and more dynamic social tales for your audience.
  • Use a combination of memes plus hashtags: Memes, like so many other popular aspects of digital marketing, pair well with other current information, such as hashtags. As a result, you can simply brighten up any “old” meme by adding a fresh slogan or a hashtag that is currently trending among your followers. New memes, on the other hand, can get more attention if they are linked to well-known hashtags, as long as the two are compatible. You will be able to maintain your meme content fresh and entertaining across multiple media this way. 
  • Look for memes and templates that are already trending in the market: What type of memes are presently “popular” is determined by your community, era, and social conventions. Whether it is during a sporting event or by cutting out a moment from a popular film, the most valuable memes are created absolutely naturally and by mistake. Depending on the message your company wants to put out into the world, you may utilise popular memes to not only market your new collection, but also to make your audience laugh and share your content, resulting in more people learning about your company. Of course, certain memes are global, such as those that include cats or puppies. Thus, you may go with something contemporary and time-bound, which may have a limited shelf life for your target market, and you can go with a basic and globally applicable design and make it into something really brand specific.
  • Use your creativity and imagination while writing the meme content and copy: A meme is not a legitimate meme just because it has a picture. To communicate a proper message and give the image that surprise twist that your audience is not expecting, you will need a matching copy and content. The allure and slyness of memes reside in the delicate balancing act of carefully phrasing an image to give it a fresh perspective. Another universally popular technique to get unusual with your everyday photograph is to use puns. On the other hand, you can take a well-known remark and pair it with an unusual visual to create a hilarious meme.
  • Use and communicate the memes via blogging, social platforms and emails: Memes are often used by brands on social media, and they are ideal for this purpose. You can use them to promote a new product launch or as a teaser to spark your followers’ interest in a possible new offering. Not to mention the FOMO (fear of missing out) impact that stories on social media have, making memes in stories an ideal engagement generating strategy. 

You should not really limit your memes usage to only social networking sites. Initiate including them as images in your posts and websites to add a rather more interesting, young tone to your writing. In addition, you can utilise memes to emphasise a key point in your work. Include them in your newsletters as well, and you will see an increase in the number of individuals who actually click on the links in your emails.


  • Even though you are a digital marketing company trying to expand, you will need to keep up with the current trends and understand whatever your clientele wants for their digital campaigns. Without question, all marketers need the communication to be relatable to their target consumers, which frequently involves including memes in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Memes are a strong tool that each and every digital marketer must employ to boost their online visibility. However, if you do not effectively comprehend what you are doing, creating memes may become a double-edged blade. So, use all the meme-worthy information with the help of meme generators and develop many successful memes for your online marketing approach.


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