Workintool Data Recovery Software – Say Goodbye to Data Loss Headaches

Have you ever accidentally lost important files due to a power surge or system crash? Don’t panic! WorkinTool Data Recovery Software is here to help you recover missing data with a few clicks. Designed with advanced algorithms and an intuitive interface, this software can easily retrieve lost files from any device. Whether you’re a home user or business owner, the WorkinTool Data Recovery tool is the ultimate solution to protect your data and reputation. Explore how WorkinTool Data Recovery software can help you rescue your valuable data.

Key Features

Supported OS

WorkinTool Data Recovery software is compatible with all common Windows systems, including Windows 11/10/8/7. Its Mac version is coming soon, estimated in May 2023. This software is easy to use for both Mac and Windows users.

Wide Compatibility

It is able to restore lost files from different devices and storage media, including hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, external HDDs, and more.

Efficient and Reliable

Users can get missing files back with a high recovery rate, and the scanning and recovery process only take a few seconds.

Additional Features

Effective features like File Preview, File Filter, and Recovery Progress Bar facilitate the recovery process to a large extent.

What Can You Do with WorkinTool Data RecoverySoftware?

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software is capable of various data recovery scenarios. You will find two scenes on the dashboard: Wizard Mode and Scene Mode. In the Scene Mode, the interface shows six different features: Deletion Recovery, Formatted Recovery, USB/Memory Card Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, Disk & Partition Recovery, and Deep Recovery. In other words, no matter how you lose your data, whether due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks, and more, you can use WorkinTool to solve your problem. 

Meanwhile, both individuals and enterprises can benefit from this program. For example, home users can get back deleted or lost photos, videos, and documents that store precious memories. For business users, WorkinTool can help them restore clients’ data and important files, which is of vital importance for business operations. Don’t dwell on the misery of losing data. Taking measures to retrieve deleted files proactively! A reliable data recovery tool like WorkinTool can always solve your urgent needs.

How about User Experience?

A smooth user experience cannot be achieved without a clean user interface, ease of use, and effectiveness in recovering lost data.

1. User Interface

As we’ve mentioned, you can choose two types of interface: Wizard Mode and Scene Mode. The Scene Mode divides data recovery scenarios in detail so that users can get started quickly based on their situations. The Wizard Mode, on the other hand, shows data locations directly. In this mode, users can quickly select a location to start scanning, whether for internal drives, external storage media, or specific locations like the Desktop, the Recycle Bin, and specific folders.

2. Ease of Use

The data recovery process is straightforward as well. Users can directly download and install the software from their website. After installing, you can get back lost data in THREE STEPS. For example:

Step 1. Open this software and select a location from the Wizard Mode or a scene from the Scene Mode to launch a scan.

Step 2. Select a scan & recovery method from Quick, Deep, and Formatted Recovery. Press Scan Now to start scanning. 

Quick Recovery is suitable for easy recovery tasks such as accidental deletion, shift-deleted files, and file emptied from Recycle Bin. 
Deep Recovery will take longer but unearth more files. Users need to wait for a while. But it won’t take much time, even scanning the C drive can be completed in just a few minutes to half an hour.
Formatted Recovery, undoubtedly, specializes in restoring data from formatted drives. If a storage device is formatted and the original file system is NTFS, you can select this method to restore formatted files.

Step 3. After scanning, the left-hand navigation pane and the Filter & Search feature can help you quickly locate files by type, directory, state (deleted or not), size, and date modified. You can click the eye icon next to the file name to preview the files you want to recover. If there are no problems, check the file and press Recover to store them in a new path.

3. Effectiveness

WorkinTool data recovery can find various types of files. As you can see, this software supports various file formats of pictures, documents, videos, audio, compressed files, and more. There are almost 500+ common file formats that are recoverable. In addition, WorkinTool Data Recovery can detect these files of any state or device with an almost 99% recovery rate. It is indeed worth a try.

How Much Will WorkinTool Data Recovery Cost?

Compared with other data recovery software tools in the market, WorkinTool Data Recovery stands out due to its competitive price, ranging from $29.99/month to $49.99/lifetime. Moreover, first-purchase users can get a 20%-off coupon on the official website. Therefore, the price can be as low as $23.99 a month. Refer to the table below, and you will know how cost-effective the license is.

Disk Drill












Moreover, users don’t have to pay a license fee to install the product. WorkinTool offers a free trial version that allows users to recover up to 500MB of data for free. And there is not much difference between the free and paid versions. This allows users to thoroughly experience the product’s features before deciding whether to purchase it.

Any After-sales Service?

After payment, you can enjoy 24/7 after-sales service and technical support. If you encounter any problems, you can refer to the embedded tutorial in the product or communicate with the WorkinTool team through real-time email communication. Its official website provides detailed blogs that can solve most of your data loss problems. In addition, WorkinTool has also set up a dedicated YouTube tutorial channel.

How about Refund and Security Policy?

If unsatisfied with the product or the team’s services, you can apply for a refund. Generally, a refund can be issued as long as the application is made within 7-14 days after purchase. You don’t have to worry about not being able to solve problems or not being able to apply for a refund. 

This product also attaches great importance to protecting user privacy and has been certified by anti-virus software. You don’t have to worry about privacy or data leakage issues.

Wrapping up

In summary, WorkinTool Data Recovery Software has received high praise and is reliable. It is worth a try for its practical features, intuitive design, user-friendly operations, cost-effective prices, thoughtful after-sales services, reasonable refund policy, and meticulous privacy protection.

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