5 things to check when you get the 10cric app onyour phone

It may not come as a surprise that most of the top-tiergambling websites with mobile apps are popular amongplayers. Gamblers are always looking for moreconvenient ways of accessing what they want, which iswhere apps come into play.

If you are interested in using a download link, you canadd the 10cric app to your phone or other handhelddevice and have access to one of the premier sites foriGaming in India. As you may know, 10cric is a place fullof options, allowing you to choose from tons of differentthings, including some of the best cricket bettingmarkets. Yet, that’s just one of the many options thatmake the app special, and this article will go over therest.

1. You can bet on WhatsApp

Nowadays, people can use tons of apps to chat withtheir friends and family, and WhatsApp is among them. Itseems like this thing is pretty popular in India because10cric, one of the premier sites for iGaming in thecountry, allows people to place bets using the app. Inother words, it seems like this operator has two differentapplications that offer similar services.

There is no arguing that the real app is much better andprovides way more things. However, people interested inthe best possible services will appreciate the bonus appbecause it lets them wager even faster. With that said, itall depends on whether people want to punt on sports ortry some of the casino games offered by the brand

2. Way more virtual sports than usual

When mobile gamblers get the app for this iGamingoperator, they always check the available sports and theoptions about them. Naturally, most people are happywith what’s accessible, but there are always at least a couple of clients who want something new.

Even though it is really hard to adhere to everyones’expectations, 10cric decided to double down on itsvirtual sports section. Therefore, mobile gamblers withthe app can find a lot more alternatives for dog racing, baseball, horse classics, and more.

The virtual sports are optimized for smaller screens, meaning you can wager on them using your mobilephone. However, there might be some differences, soalways check what’s available. Also, do not trust thetipsters all the time because some people provide virtualsports tips that are just not worth it.

3. The site’s affiliate program

It is safe to say that most bettors in India and othercountries with this app do not care much about the site’saffiliate program. However, those looking for businessopportunities will be happy with what’s availablebecause they can use it to advertise the site and getcommissions.

10cric is a premier iGaming site in several countriesworldwide, so it has a lot of people who are alwaysready to give it a shot. However, they do not know whatto expect, so affiliates have to show what the siteprovides and how to use it.

4. Access to different social media

Everyone understands the importance of running a social media account to reach out to more people, andgambling sites like 10cric are not an exception. Theoperator uses a team of experts to reach out to moremobile clients, so if you are using the app, you cancheck the different accounts.

Aside from Twitter, you can also find this brand onInstagram, Facebook, and Telegram. The latter is thehottest option right now, so mobile clients often keep aneye on it to see if the site has any special promotionsgoing.

5. Cryptocurrencies

If a gambler who uses the application provided by 10cric decides to add funds using the app itself, the person willhave access to a lot of options. Credit cards are amongthem, but the site is more innovative and offerscryptocurrencies

There are a lot of alternatives to try out, but some of them are more special. Luckily, a lot of them are easy to use and do not require any expertise. Furthermore, these deposit and withdrawal alternatives are secure

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