Top 10 Reverse Phone Search Services


Many people utilize reverse phone lookup services to learn more about the owner of the phone number. Finding out who contacted me, revealing someone’s genuine identity, preventing scams, and many other uses are possible with a reverse phone lookup service.


Therefore the dilemma of how to validate unknown phone numbers still stands. Finding a trustworthy and dependable reverse phone number lookup site is the easiest solution. Giving information about the person with whom the number is registered, such as the name, aids in locating the number’s owner.


If you merely give them the phone number the call came from, they can identify the caller. Each of these free services can provide enough information to enable users to make judgments, such as whether to return a call or mark a text as spam.


  1. US Phone Lookup – Best Tool For Tracing Mysterious Numbers
  2. USPhoneSearch – Search Tool With Quick Processing Speed
  3. NumLooker – Perfect Website With Easy Accessibility
  4. TheNumberLookup – Best Source For Finding Suspicious Callers
  5. PhoneNumberLookupFree – Site Linked With Various Credible Directories
  6. Spokeo – Best One For Inhabitants Of Canada
  7. Intelius – Outstanding Website With Enhanced Features Integrated
  8. AnyWho – Having Advanced Technologies For Tracking Unknown Numbers
  9. Instant CheckMate – Site With Extensive Database
  10. Spytox – Perfect Site With Accurate Results


  1. US Phone Lookup

Nowadays, obtaining your phone number is much easier than you might think, in part because of recent data breaches. All the social media profiles related to the phone number were scanned by this lookup. 


With the help of the US Phone Lookup service, you may discover a wealth of essential details about the owner of the phone number, including full name, education, employment history, home and work addresses, relatives, and friends, among other things.

Positive Aspects

Secure And Protected

You may look up a phone number securely and anonymously with the US Phone Lookup service. The website will transfer the entered data to the servers using encryption techniques.

Simple To Use

For individuals who are utilizing the service for the first time, the US Phone Lookup is a simple-to-use reverse phone lookup tool.

Thorough Findings

After utilizing US Phone Lookup, you will receive a detailed report that is packed with useful information.

Negative Aspects

  • As was already mentioned, US Phone Lookup offers a complete report, so you could learn things that are not necessary.
  • For instance, the results from the past are not relevant to you if you are looking for the most recent address or phone number.
  1. USPhoneSearch

You can get vital details about a person or business by checking their phone number. Free reverse phone lookup software like USPhoneSearch leverage data from social media, messaging services, and public databases to find the contacts connected to a phone number.

It is especially useful when attempting to identify a troubling caller or verify a possibly fraudulent communication.

Positive Features


There is no need to visit any office or different websites to collect data about the caller. You can use the one site forr acquiring all the result related to unknown callers.

Advanced Updates

With the help of their sophisticated filter features you can find out the details regarding the suspicious number. Also, you will be informed if anything changes in the search result.

Negative Aspects

  • The level of customer service is subpar. 
  • It frustrates a user with its pricing structure.


  1. NumLooker

Same with the phone directories we can discover the information related to the phone number by using the online tool of NumLooker. 


All the databases are scanned comprising the public records where by just simply entering a phone number you can discover all the related data within moments regarding the person from whom you are getting calls. 

Positive Aspects

Free Of Cost

The services of this online platform are free of cost and you can get the required details. 

Just visit the site and by simply searching out the phone number you will get the findings. 

Simple to Use

NumLooker is easy to use even for beginners.


The search index is meticulously designed to produce incredibly accurate search results. There is also a filtering feature to help you narrow down your discoveries if your search returns a lot of results.

Negative Aspects

  • It is unable to offer more pertinent information, such as the caller’s occupation.

4- Intelius


Another reliable reverse phone lookup service that has been in operation since 2003 is Intelius. It costs money but has a lot of handy features. There are two subscription levels available, and both of them include a reverse phone lookup service.


It also offers more search choices. You can utilize the address lookup function or conduct a name search. even though the user interface seems gimmicky. That is worth a shot, especially if you want to get more background information.

Positive Aspects

Quick Findings

Get the knowledge you require as soon as possible to give yourself the power to decide what is best for your safety.


Every search is discreet and private. The person you searched for won’t know that you found them.

Negative Aspects

  • Several consumers have reported canceling their subscriptions.

5- Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the most well-known websites for people searches. You have a variety of tools, including the reverse phone lookup service, to conduct a personal search.


Positive Aspects

  • Largest and most reliable person search engine
  • Also, it includes an Android app.
  • It has a clear and expert interface.

Negative Aspects

  • To receive a complete report, you must pay.
  • The information is only sometimes current.


Those who wish to research people using their phone numbers or who want to learn more about an unknown caller might benefit from reverse phone number lookup services. The top 10  reverse phone lookup services available have been discussed. Simply look at them and decide which one is best for you. Just go to the US Phone Lookup as this online platform will assist you in finding mysterious numbers.

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