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Introduction Of The Poem :-

In This poem , the poet aims to appeal to the readers to take some time out of their busy life for a little introspection and retrospection . The title , ” keeping quiet ” , is a symbolic of stopping all the activities , Keeping quiet in the mind , not doing anything , but to question and understand the purpose of the world that humans have created around themselves.

Keeping Quiet Summary | Keeping Quiet Summary Of Class 12 | Keeping Quiet Explanation : – 

The poem ” Keeping Quiet Summary ” has been composed by ‘ Pablo Neruda ‘ . In this poem , the poet has emphasised the need to introspect and bring in the spirit of Brotherhood among the people of the world . He wants people to stop talking and stop all movements symbolising agitation and restlessness till he counts twelve , that is , a short period of time .

These moments of silence would be strange and exotic because in our mundane life we are working towards achieving selfish goals , regardless of the Others requirements and emotions . Hence , this sudden silence would give us an opportunity to introspect .

Since we would not Speak for a while , barriers between communities would break and a sense of Brotherhood would prevail . Man would get an opportunity to realize how he is destroying nature and how he is harming himself .

Futile wars against man and nature would be arrested and a new feeling of Unity would be experienced . The poet does not want his desire for inactivity to be misunderstood as a state of uselessness . He wants men to learn a lesson from the Earth .

The earth appears to be inactive yet it is selflessly productive . Man too could be productive and progressive without any aggression , selfishness and the urge of destruction .

Poetic Devices :- 

1 :- Sudden Strangeness

2 :- Hurt Hands

3 :- Clean Clothes

4 :- We Will

5 :- We Would

6 :- Wars with

About The Author ( Pablo Naruda ) Of Keeping Quiet Summary  :- 

Pablo Neruda , the pseudonym of Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto , was a Nobel Prize-winning Chilean Poet . He Adopted This Pen Name in 1920 , in the memory of Czechoslovak poet Jan Neruda .

Neruda wrote in a variety of style such as love poem as in his collection Twenty Poems of Love and a Song Of Despair , Surrealist poem , historical epic , and overtly political manifestos . He travelled the world of many years , and returned to Chile in 1943 . In 1945 , he joined the the Communist Party of Chile and became Senator of the Republic .

In 1971 , Naruda won the Nobel Prize for literature . His literary breakthrough came in the form of of Residencia en la tierra ( 1933 ) , a collection of esoteric surrealistic poems . Pablo Neruda remained active in the literary and political Arena even before his death . His poetry bears an impact of his political activities and expresses his experiences in repression during his exile .

He died in 1973 . He wrote over 140 poems . Keeping Quiet Is One Of The Best Poem Of Pablo Neruda That’s Why We Provide Keeping Quiet Summary .  In 1971 , Neruda won the Nobel prize for literature . Colombian novelist Gabriel Gracia Marquez once called him ” the greatest poet of the 20 century in any language ” .

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