Summary Of The Duck And The Kangaroo

Summary Of The Duck And The Kangaroo ?

Summary Of The Duck And The Kangaroo | Summary Of The Duck And The Kangaroo By Edward Lear :-

Hello Guys , Today In This Article , We Will Talk About The Poem Of Class 8 . It Is Very Important Chapter For Exams . So Here You Get All Details Summary Of The Poem Duck And Kangaroo.

Two friends , The duck and Kangaroo are about to set out on a long pleasure trip . The kangaroo , though happy to carry the duck all the way on the tip of Tail , is wary of her wet feet . What will the duck do to make the kangaroo feel comfortable over land and sea ? Let us find out how they go about it .

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Summary Of The Duck And Kangaroo : –

This poem has been composed by ” Edward Lear “. In the poem , the poet tells us that we can get any difficult work done by others if we have the virtues of sweetness , politeness and obedient . In this poem , the duck request the kangaroo to make her visit the beautiful world allowing her to ride on his back . The kangaroo expect her wish because of her sweetness and politeness . The kangaroo tells her about her , cold feet and suggests that this can cause him ” Roomatiz ” . At this , the duck buys for pair of woolen socks to cover herself . Beside , She assures the kangaroo that she would smoke cigar to . Thus , the kangaroo lets her ride on his tail and they went for pleasure trip to the world .

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