Why does the Android download filter not allow the installation of unknown apps?


The very straight reason for android download filter to not allow the installation is because the app doesn’t belong to Google Play Store or is harmful for your device.

If you want to install any such apps which are not available in the Google Play Store then you will need to enable the download filter by visiting the Settings of your android phone, search for ‘Unknown Apps’ and enable it.

But now, you might be running into questions like ‘Is it safe to enable the filter?, ‘Why is the Google Play Store not having the app?’ etc. Let us explore all about the android apps download filter in this article.

Why are apps outside of the Google Play Store not allowed?

Google Play Store is the home to almost all the android apps and lets you purchase/download your desired app from the store.

All the apps available in the Google Play Store are in compliance with the policies and regulations of the Google Play Store.

To avoid any potential threats on your device, the android phones consider only the apps which are downloaded from the Google Play Store as safe.

Your android device doesn’t allow you to install apps from any other sources to keep your data privacy intact.

Why are all the apps not available on Google Play Store?

People are usually convinced that if they do not find an app on the Google Play Store then the app doesn’t exist.

This is NOT true. Generally, some android apps like betting apps in India are not found on the Google Play Store.

But it is always possible to visit the official website of the bookmaker to download betting apps. Similarly, you can always explore the websites of every product for the app that you wish to download outside of the play store.

Google Play Store has certain rules and policies which need to be fulfilled by the app developers in order to market the app on the Google Play Store.

Similarly, there are certain sets of restrictions related to the real money betting apps in the India region and hence the online betting apps are not available in the play store.

How to enable the ‘Unknown Apps’ setting to download the apps?

For the latest version of android, you can use below steps to enable the ‘Unknown Apps’ setting and install the app on your phone.

1. Open Settings on your phone.
2. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ section and select ‘Special App Access’.
3. Click on the ‘Install Unknown Apps’ setting.
4. Select the source from where you want to download the app and enable ‘Allow from this source’.

If you find it tricky to find all these categories in your device, use the below mentioned simple way to get through.

Visit the ‘Settings’ on your device and search for ‘Unknown’ in the search bar. You will directly be led to the option. Enable it and install the app.

It is absolutely secure to download the apps from unknown sources as long as they are trusted and reliable.

The option to enable the setting is meant for the reason that the device owner can decide on their responsibility to download the apps outside of the app store

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