How do Educational Toys Contribute to the Growth & Development of Kids?

Playing is the best way to make a child learn different things easily. Kids just love to explore and learn new things at every stage of their lives. Intellect and motor development are some of the factors affecting growth and development in kids  and using educational toys can sharpen these skills. Introducing educational toys at an early stage of a child’s development years is a very good idea as it enhances and improves their senses and imagination skills. They get the opportunity of learning new skills when they play with educational toys and develop a new idea. Using educational toys at an early stage will help children to learn different skills that they will need in the future. The most common skills that a child can develop with educational toys is to tackle the problem and learn to solve them. Likewise, it also teaches children about caring and sharing things with others and how it might help to develop their motor skills and also nurture their creativity and imagination for the future!   The most common skills that a child can develop with educational toys is to tackle the problem and learn to solve them. Likewise, it also teaches children about caring and sharing things with others and how it might help to develop their motor skills and also nurture their creativity and imagination for the future!  

How to find the best educational toys Indian online:   

You just can’t go out and pick a toy for your child and call it educational. You need to consider the factors affecting growth and development in kids and learn about which toy is useful for kids and at what age. Not every educational toy will fit your child’s interest. Here is a list of toys for your kids-  


Toys for infants -   

It is an important part of the parents to teach their infants to explore their senses. When they develop their senses, they might work on their grasping skills to begin developing in other areas. Various toys like music toys with light and sound, and educational play mats, might help a baby to capture the attention of the people around them and also keep them entertained. As a matter of fact, babies will play with different toys throughout their growing months, as every child is different. Toy choices always depend on the stage that they are in, as every infant grows and develops differently.  


Toys for toddlers -   

In toddlerhood, children dive into the world of literature as they begin looking at books and reading with their parents. Kids are curious at this age and want to explore the world around them. You, as a parent, must find and look for toys that tend to feed their growing interests. You can opt for educational toys like puzzles or books; that might be the perfect play idea for your toddlers, as they are fun and versatile.   


Toys for school-age children -   

The best educational toys for school-aged children depend on various factors. While some kids are old enough to learn chess, others may want to explore their creativity, might be with an art kit. If you are looking for ideas, some popular educational toys are musical toys, crafting kits, science kits and others. Educational toys help kids to understand the different behaviour of people around them, and they learn how to react to different scenarios in a mature way.   

Factors affecting growth and development for kids are  

Heredity –  

Heredity is the biological process of transmission of physical characteristics from parents to children through genes. It strongly influences many aspects of the physical appearances of children, such as height, weight, body structure, the colour of the eye, aptitude skills and so on. Many diseases also transmit through genes, thereby affecting the growth pattern of children adversely.   

Environment –  

The environment is a major factor that plays a crucial role in the development of children, and it represents the overall physical and psychological stimulation they receive. The physical surroundings and the geographical conditions of the place the child lives, his social environment and his relationship with family and peers come under the environmental factors that influence early childhood development in a major way.  

Gender –  

Do you know gender also plays an important role and factor that affects the physical growth and development of a child? Girls and boys grow differently; for example, boys are more physically strong if compared to girls are mentally strong and tend to mature faster during their adolescence, if compared to the boys.  

Hormones –  

You must know that hormones belong to the endocrine system and influence the various functions of our bodies. Hormones control some of our body functions, as they are situated in specific parts of our body. The proper functioning of these hormones plays a major role in the normal physical and mental growth and development of children.  

Exercises – 

 Any kind of exercise, whether involving your child in some physical activities or helping them practice meditation, is very important for the growth and development of your child. Exercise primarily refers to normal playtime or sports activities that help the body and mind to gain muscular strength and mental peace. Proper exercises can keep your child growing well, keep him/her healthy and fight off diseases by strengthening the immune system.  


There are numerous factors and benefits of providing educational gifts that affect growth and development in kids. As mentioned above, exercises are important for the health of children. But do you know that even playing with educational can help strengthen the immune system of the child? Smartivity is one such platform that offers educational toys Indian online that will help your child to grow physically as well as mentally. The toys that you will choose for your children to play with in the early stages of their life have an important impact on them by developing essential skills that will help your child at a later stage in life. Every other person is under stress and chaos and is busy with their lives, plus many people face the struggle of raising their children can put them in a fix. Every parent knows what is right and wrong when it comes to knowing what’s right and important for the development of little young minds!  

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